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Welcome to YATS

This is the new home of Yet Another Tech Show. YATS is a collaborative effort of great technology writers and tech evangelists from across the Internet. Keep checking back for updates and how you can subscribe to the show, submit content for our discussions, and participate live when we record.

The core YATS team (or at least those who joined us for our first episode) consists of Ant Pruitt, Larry Press, Mat Lee, and Mike Rothman. We will constantly circulate fresh tech writers for our panel discussion hangout each and every week. We have a great group of people writing for both groovyPost.com and aNewDomain.net. While YATS is an independent show, we all write in some capacity or another for both of these great tech sites.

If you would like to be a part of the discussion as a panel member, please email TheCrew@YetAnotherTechShow.com or send us a form on our Contact Us page.