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Recent Hacks Raise Issue Of Gaming Security

The world has gotten a glimpse of hacker warfare this month, with the now-infamous breach of Sony’s security having sparked legitimate international tension. Many assume North Korea was behind the “Sony Hack,” due to the nation’s threats against the company’s action/comedy film The Interview. And, in recent weeks, North Korea has begun to experience its own problems with Internet connectivity. This, of course, appears to be some manner of retaliation, though no details or confirmation of this assumption have been made public. But while all of this has been going on, there was a second Sony hack that raises an issue closer to home for the general public: both Sony’s Playstation Network and Microsoft’s Xbox Live were attacked over the holidays, apparently by known hacker group Lizard Squad, who claimed responsibility.

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Afterthoughts: YATS 20

Larry Press brings us some afterthoughts for YATS 20.

That claim that Xerox invented the Internet is so wrong!

Governments (US, England and others) funded the research and theory leading to the ARPANet, which demonstrated the feasibility of a large scale network. Critical mass and training were achieved when the US government funded the spread of networking to universities through CSNET for computer science departments, the National Science Foundation NSFNet for connecting all US colleges and universities and the NSF International Connections program, which brought in university and research networks in 28 nations, most of which were in the developing world.

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Afterthoughts: YATS 19

Hello and welcome to another installment of Afterthoughts, our YATS blog. Ant Pruitt here. In episode 19 of YATS, Larry discussed his woes of getting the Olympic coverage streamed to him at his convenience. Face it, those of us passionate about the Olympics are battling with the timezone difference. I signed up for the NBC online streaming package with hopes of seeing live feeds at 5 am eastern standard time. Unfortunately, Larry was right about the online experience.

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Afterthoughts: YATS 16

Hello and welcome to YATS Afterthoughts, Larry Press here. We talked about the various media stores on episode 16 of YATS, and I came across this article this morning.

The story is so complicated that it makes my head hurt. There are so many dimensions — the media type (movie, TV show, song, podcast, etc.), rental and purchase prices, rental terms, supported devices, available titles, etc. etc. If we could find a way to summarize all of this in charts or whatever, it would be a great service to mankind.

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Welcome to YATS

This is the new home of Yet Another Tech Show. YATS is a collaborative effort of great technology writers and tech evangelists from across the Internet. Keep checking back for updates and how you can subscribe to the show, submit content for our discussions, and participate live when we record.

The core YATS team (or at least those who joined us for our first episode) consists of Ant Pruitt, Larry Press, Mat Lee, and Mike Rothman. We will constantly circulate fresh tech writers for our panel discussion hangout each and every week. We have a great group of people writing for both and While YATS is an independent show, we all write in some capacity or another for both of these great tech sites.

If you would like to be a part of the discussion as a panel member, please email or send us a form on our Contact Us page.