YATS 1: Conscious and Sentient


Welcome to the first ever episode of Yet Another Tech Show! We’re very excited to bring you a weekly glimpse into what we find interesting in the technology world, and beyond. Thanks for listening!

Here is some background on who we are, and why we’re gathered here today.

To start things off, let’s talk about Ant’s piece on aNewDomain about the smartphone point and shoot question. Is it worth carrying these individual specialized devices around anymore?

Having these cameras with us all the time has turned us into a group of documentarians. Seth Heringer wrote an interesting piece about his experience with this first hand.

Larry Press shared a very interesting new piece of research about how our brains handle memories.

If you want to read more about Biocentrism, you should start by checking out the Wiki page, then the book by Robert Lanza and Bob Berman of the same name.

What is real? Would you rather have a surrogate or live in the Matrix? Leave us a comment and let us know!

Larry also tells us a little bit about Nature Publishing. They are leading the way with their new interactive learning smart apps / e-books that should be coming out this fall. Just think of the possibilities this could lead the way to. How can you make education addictive? Use the same concept as social gaming, and apply it to education. Problem solved.  If you would like to read more about Larry’s take on teaching material for the Internet era, check out this presentation.

Yet another expensive tablet. What do you know about the New iPad? Does it live up to the hype and expectations? Ant is not wowed. Tell us why? Do you have a New iPad? Drop us a comment and let’s talk about it. Personally, I’ll stick to my Transformer Prime.

Let’s go back to the mid seventies where cocaine and disco is king. A computer on every desktop and in every home. Bring on the buzz words!

Is the New iPad still just a consumption device? Or is it finally making the gradual iterative move to being something you can produce with? Drop us a line and let us know what kind of productive stuff you’re producing with the iPad.

The keyboard app on my Transformer Prime tablet I was showing off during the recording is called AI Float n Split Tablet Keyboard. For those of you listening to audio only, this is one of the greatest tablet keyboards I’ve used so far.

Why choose an Android tablet over an iPad? What do you, the listener use and why?

There are a ton of interesting use cases for Google Hangouts. Have you ever kicked it in a hangout? What do you use it for? Politicians use it as a tool to reach their tools. If you are interested in Google Hangouts and use Google Chrome, check out the extension Mike Rothman recommended called My Hangouts.

What do you know about copyright math? This is one of the most brilliant Ted Talks I’ve watched in a long time. Check it out!

Take a look at our panel’s writing over on aNewDomain.net and groovyPost.com.

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