YATS 23: Buy Followers


“I believe I got stuck behind the First Lady”

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Let’s get into episode 23. . . .

The Democratic National Convention #DNC2012 has been a big buzz this week for obvious reasons, but We take a look at some of the tech related items of it. President Obama has seriously embraced the tool of social media. He has even reached out and started an “ask me anything” (AMA) thread on reddit.com Of course, the people’s response over powered the backbone of reddit.com and caused the site to go down. While the thread was open, the President seemed to genuinely be engaged with your “average” user. Larry shared more of his thoughts on his blog.

Moving on, we’re going to gloss over the fact that Mike got himself a Nexus 7 tablet and not tell any of about it. But anyway, Mike is going on a European vacation and is in need of tethering advice. Mat advised on different tethering options for Mike’s One X Android phone. The HTC devices have given the tethering community fits with its hardware and software. Hopefully, our advice to Mike points him in a descent direction. FoxFi and PDAnet are popular options.

Who’s getting swamped with viagra spam? Mike is! We laugh, joke and discuss the spamming tactics and social engineering used today to distribute malware. A classic example is an email with tracking information in it. It’s surprising how many users will click on shipping messages when they didn’t even have an item shipped!

Our posting machine, Larry, found some great information on projects using the Raspberry Pi. We discuss how a kid built a game on this tiny Linux computer using Scratch. Sure the device is “slow” by most standards, but the device is more powerful than one would realize. The Raspberry Pi could potentially be your next home theater pc or even an Android based micro computer. The device is available for consumers to be creative. Time will allow the development and hacker community to boost the capabilities of the device.

Amazon has announced its new line of Kindles and Kindle Fire. I seemed to be the only person interested in these announcements. The new Kindle Fire has newer hardware to go along with its vast library of media. Where will the new consumers go for tablets? Will they go to the iPad, the Nexus 7, or the new Kindle Fire?

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