YATS 28: The World’s Biggest Balloon


“I want mine to be 4.187 inches long.”

Another week of life and Yet Another Tech Show is back with you once again discussing the fun tech news of the week. Mat Lee here with some show notes for episode 28. On podcast we have Ant Pruitt, Larry Press and myself talking about the Red Bull Stratos Jump, is Apple versus Android the defining fight in tech, CreativeLive online classes, the StarStar Me service, Zynga stock going down, the new CM 10 nightly update process, and so much more. Thanks for listening!

If you want to check out the video we were talking about in regards to the Red Bull Stratos Jump, or how to watch live, point your browser to YouTube.com/redbull. The next jump attempt will be Sunday, October 14th. Here’s the article about the cool technology involved.

Have you heard the latest episode of Radio Lab Shorts? This is a pretty mind blowing story. We love Radiolab.

Did you know you can usually call the show when we’re live? Put the number 406.204.4687 in your phones and give us a call next episode. You can also leave a message.

Eric Schmidt says Apple versus Android is the defining fight in tech. We’re all kind of over it, but whatever. The press needs something to write about I suppose.

Wired has an article about CreativeLive, a free Online School for artists and entrepreneurs. They have an interesting business model. Pay per miss. We’re starting to see this more and more, which is a good thing. People need to be gettin educated.

Ant found an article on GigaOm about StarStar Me. This seems pretty useless at this point in the smartphone game, but who knows. Stranger things have gotten super crazy popular.

Why is Zynga’s stock going down? Let’s discuss. Ant found this article on MarketWatch. Personally, I think it’s because playing games is easier in the privacy of a bathroom on your phone than it is to get caught playing them on your work computer at your desk. Just saying… Maybe people are just over casual gaming. We have Jetpack Joyride now!

I updated my Transformer Prime to the new CyanogenMod 10 nightly. I just flashed the new nightly using the built in CM updater, not Rom Manager, and it’s super sweet. I noticed the download took a little longer than it used to in Rom Manager, but I’m sure this was a popular download since it bumped us up to 4.1.2. The rear camera is still doing the weird green screen thing, but the front facing camera still works. Not really noticing anything else different. Maybe it’s a little smoother. But who knows.

In keeping with the times, Samsung is going to launch a mini Galaxy S III, for the people with small hands. Or to match what Apple is doing. What do you think? Make money and innovate, thanks.

Twitter helps raise money for political campaigns. If you listen to this part in the podcast, I clearly have no idea what we’re talking about. This was fun.

To wrap things up, Larry shares his experience with Google’s copyright infringement system. We always love these.

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