YATS 5: Hangout Minutes


“Maybe James Cameron was down in the Marianas Trench laying some new fiber for us.”

Hey! It’s episode 5 of Yet Another Tech Show. This is your weekly rundown of technology news, rumors, and sometimes rants. Thanks for listening to our show and growing the YATS Squadron! Be sure to check us out on iTunes, Facebook, Google Plus, and Twitter. We have also updated our panel’s bio page to give you a little more information about Mat Lee, Larry Press, Mike Rothman, and myself (Ant Pruitt).

Now, on to episode 5…This year was the 100 year anniversary of the Titanic cruise ship tragedy. We look back at this moment in history as well as discuss James Cameron digging more into the analysis of the crash by exploring the depths of the ocean and tweeting about it.

SOPA is back. Well actually, it’s not SOPA, but it’s CISPA. The Cyber Intelligence Sharing and Protection Act is a proposed bill gives the government and private businesses the ability to share data in the effect of nefarious cyber activity on a user. In the long run, this means if you or anyone has been tipped off as a potential threat or as a user that’s performing illegal activity online, the ISP’s can share your data without a warrant. A great infographic was on aNewDomain.net breaking this down.

The Apple OSX operating system was sited to have two java exploits found.  Is this the beginning of more and more Apple users being hacked and infected with malware? Growing market share making OSX a target? Are Apple users being properly educated about the true threats of internet security? To Apple’s credit, a patch was quickly released to combat this issue.

Google Drive has been rumored to be released, but nothing has been officially announced.  We discuss the options offered by competitors such as Dropbox and Box.com. Cloud computing seems to be growing for average consumers. Options with web email, online photo albums, and applications such as Google Docs are allowing users online and on the fly access to data. Google plans to offer 5GB of storage for free per account.

Google Maps for Android was updated recently. Does this affect the market of dashboard GPS systems such as Garmin? How many consumers own and use GPS system from companies such as Garmin versus using their cell phone’s navigation app?

Sprint is releasing the Samsung Galaxy Nexus Android phone. Verizon, the other CDMA provider in the US, has already had the Galaxy Nexus. More rumors are surrounding the release of Samsung’s Galaxy S III. The quad core technology in cell phones are discussed. Is it better?

Hologram technology was used in a concert recently that used the deceased rapper Tupac. This event was an amazing display of up and coming technology. Can this be used for other things? If so, what in particular.  We discuss ideas and potential uses of holograms.

Does TV apps matter to consumers? Smart TV’s are coming with apps for different uses, but how useful are they?  Some items tend to be more of a distraction than an actual advantage. Larry discusses briefly the past Super Bowl being streamed online. He mentions all of the widgets and game information offered being a potential distraction to some, but not others.

Some of us at YATS feel these cell data plans should be billed based on bits used, not an allotment.  Similar to how your home utility bills are accounted.  Larry had a great write up on Google Plus discussing the rising use of cell phone data plans.

To close out the show Larry discusses Wellcome Trust pushing for open science. About 10, 000 researchers have signed a pledge to boycott Elsevier.

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