YATS 54: Sorting the Bits


“These are all my little robots, they’re making all my stuff.”

Another week, another great episode of your favorite tech show, YATS! It’s Yet Another Tech Show. Mat Lee here, Ant Pruitt has the night off. Join us as we talk tech with Ant Pruitt, Mike Rothman, Larry Press and Eric Schimelpfenig. For episode 54 we talk about Defcon and Maker Faire coming up, making guns, Syria getting cut off from the internet again, the quantum internet that isn’t, the OUYA teardown and so much more. Thanks for checking out the show this week, feel free to leave us a message at 406-204-4687 and email TheCrew@YetAnotherTechShow.com. Here’s the notes…

If you want to catch Eric Schimelpfenig on Attack of the Androids, he was on episode 81.

I’m going to Defcon thanks to a listener of the comedy show I host. If you want to join us IRL, be in Las Vegas August 1st through the 4th. Check out the site here.

Mike Rothman is going to Maker Faire May 18th and 19th. Check out their site here.

Speaking of Making, Eric has an old school makerbot. Have you seen these things? They are so cool.


Of course, all this talk about making, we should mention the handgun you can make. It’s actually more of a zip gun, but it’s still pretty cool. How long is this going to last? Larry Press blogs about it here. Wiki has a great page on improvised firearms here.

Syria was once again cut off from the rest of the world, because allegedly someone “dropped an anchor on the cable.” Amazing right? We’re just out here shrimpin’ folks. Larry Press wrote a post about it here.

Is the quantum internet here? Of course not, don’t be silly. We discuss this a bit, but it’s a little over our heads. Steve Gibson on episode 403 of Security Now explains this a lot better than I.

Quantum Internet NOT

Do you remember @Home? I don’t, but Mike and Larry sure do. Here’s the wiki page for @Home.

Larry wrote a post about the NY Times article about Google Fiber and getting the U.S. broadband out of the slow lane. If you live in a community that is monopolized by a dictator-esque ISP, you should be so lucky to get Google Fiber. Hey Google, come to Kalispell with it! Come disrupt.

Have you ever seen the 8 billion dollar iPod Ted Talk? If not, definitely give it a watch, Rob Reid is brilliant.


iFixit released their OUYA teardown. Check it out here. I’m still excited about this, but only because I’m a broke ass, and I enjoy Android gaming. Especially on my Nexus 10. Please put the Play Store on the OUYA. Please. If you want to pre order one, check out the OUYA site.

Did you see the new Oculus Rift use case? It’s called Guillotine. Check it out here on Mashable.

That’s going to do it for YATS this week. Thanks for your continued support of our show. We’re the tech evangelists that bring you informative and entertaining tech discussions. Be sure to check out our social connections first by going to our Yet Another Tech Show Community on Google+ and our iTunesStitcher and RSS feeds. Also leave us a rating and comment each time you check the feed. Thanks again, YATS squadron!

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