YATS 60: All the Things


“Recurring revenue streams, that’s what’s awesome about being a rapper.”

Welcome to episode 60 of our weekly tech show, YATS. Mat Lee here with some show notes for you. Join us, and when I say us I mean myself, Ant Pruitt, Larry Press, and special guest Int Eighty from Dual Core! We talk about the latest tech news including PRISM, the Xbox One and DRM, music and movie industries and cord cutting, new wifi, how to stop killer asteroids, telepresence robots, and so much more. Hangout with us throughout the week on the YATS Google+ community. Thanks for checking out episode 60 of Yet Another Tech Show.

Let’s all welcome Int Eighty from Dual Core to the show. Cnet has a great interview with him you should definitely check out. We’re totally stoked to have him on YATS. He just got back from playing all over the UK with MC Lars. Very cool.

Dual Core All the Things

Steve Gibson on episode 408 of Security now had a great idea of exactly what PRISM might be. What do you think?

A great demonstration of the power of the people on social networks. Microsoft is backing off on it’s rules for being connected in playing it’s Xbox One console. Always online DRM is poop. Stop it.

This is a great discussion about the difference between the music and movie industries. One is really embracing online digital sales, the other is still a bit scared.

802.11ac is getting the blessing of the Wifi alliance. Check out the article on PC Mag.

The moon is good. It protects us from asteroids and stuff. Plus it looks cool. Nasa is putting out a call to the people to tell them how to kill killer asteroids.

Google Reader is shutting down July 1st. Michael Olson over on AND wrote an article about Feedly and the new Digg reader. Personally I’ve been using Feedly, and it’s awesome. The Feedly cloud rocks.

In rumor news, Facebook might have it’s own version of Reader. This should be interesting.

A Billion Mars Pixels

Check out this huge 1.3 billion pixels of Martian marvellousness, as the article on the Register says. You can see the actual picture here.

Larry wrote a cool blog post about telepresence robots.

Who’s a new Creator Academy graduate? I finished, Ant did not. I really didn’t learn that much. This was all a bunch of stuff we kind of figured out on our own, but it’s cool to see how many people joined. About 30,000 in the group. I wrote a couple of articles for Tech Page One. Find them here.

Larry posted a blog about MOOCs and how nearly every state has adopted the Common Core Standards. Check it out here.

Image Credit: Comedy Central

Image Credit: Comedy Central

Chris Miller gives us a quick review of the new alternative beta keyboard, Minuum. Get in on the super early beta on their site.

Let’s talk about Ingress before we wrap this up. Also, Chris Miller needs to read the Art of Ingress. Also, did you know people are buying Instagram accounts? That’s crazy but I bet it works. For now.

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