YATS 63: Facebook Psychologist


“There’s a whole subculture of weirdness around email filters.”

Thanks for checking out our technology podcast. This is Yet Another Tech Show or as we call it, YATS. This is the podcast where we as tech evangelist sit and discuss the latest tech news with a twist of fun and entertainment. You won’t find “talking heads” on this podcast, folks. Each week our core crew of Mat Lee, Mike Rothman, Larry Press and myself Ant Pruitt sit down and chat. But we are also joined by guests from time to time. This week, Chris Miller stops by. He’s becoming a regular on the show, actually. Anyway, let’s get rolling with our show notes.  I’ll keep them brief as you follow along with the audio playback or video rerun.

Google Latitude is now going away from Android mobile devices. This may barely qualify as news as it may not have caught onto the masses. Latitude was the location check-in service similar to Foursquare. Google has integrated location check-ins more into Google+. Another property that hasn’t caught onto the masses. Google Maps has updated on the Android devices instead and it brings a slick Google Now-ish look and feel. Check it out. We’re curious about how less technical users will handle the UI change.

Image credit: Ant Pruitt for yetanothertechshow.com

Image credit: Ant Pruitt for yetanothertechshow.com

BitTorrent Sync has a beta package available for yet another easy way to share large files over the web. Very similar to regular bittorrent, but we take a look at the sync service and performance boost.

Not only did Google Maps update, but your Gmail app and web client has updated. I gotta tell you, this is a challenge for me to get used to. I’m sure I will, but it’s definitely different with tabs being in the UI. So far, the tabs have seemed useful for me. Both mobile and web interfaces has this new look and feel.

Apple, Google and Twitter has asked for greater transparency on the US surveillance bit. Ok, great. The tech giants publicly asked. Does it matter? I’ll let you answer that. Most of the YATS crew has given up on privacy.

Who’s excited for the new Nexus 7 tablet? Don’t all yell at once in excitement. We talk about the leaked images and specs of the device. Does this excite anyone? What more can you get from a 7-inch tablet that you can’t get now? This reminds me of the whole smartphone fatigue I discussed with the Galaxy S 4 was announced by Samsung. It should also be noted that the smartphone sales are beginning to slow as we don’t get much “wow factor” as consumers. What can the manufacturers do to fix this? Or is this an issue of mobile carriers blocking tools and new features?

new gmail

From the educational tech news, Larry blogged about an initiative for AT&T offering up a Master of Science degree online for only $7000. It’s taken via the Georgia Institute of Technology. Pretty prestigious credits, right there. We discuss how disruptive this is for “traditional” college students taking class on ground out of town or even on ground in town.

Mike briefly shares a personal story of his wife swapping from iOS to Android. This is a good one. He tried to convince her into getting the HTC One and One X. Yeah, just take a listen.

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