YATS 7: Long Form Fiction


“If they make a television they would probably be pissed off because there’s so much crappy furniture out there being made.”

It’s YATS! Episode 7 of Yet Another Tech Show. This is your weekly rundown of technology news, rumors, and sometimes rants. The tech world has buzzed on several items this week and our panel sits down to discuss a few items of note and share our opinions on it all. Thanks to those of you that joined our live video stream and chat room at yetanothertechshow.com/live. We enjoy interacting with our listeners and now “viewers” of show.

On with the show…

Apple Computer inventor and co-founder Mr. Steve Wozniak openly expressed his delight with Windows Phone 7.5. Gina Smith, Todd Moore, and Dan Patterson on The Report. Specifically the UI of the operating system. He didn’t have much to boast about regarding the hardware and guts as an engineer would.

Google has inked a deal with the US Department of Interiors. This is a huge cloud computing feat for Google and other competitors in the cloud computing space. It’s rumored that the DOI has about 80,000 email accounts to migrate.  Cloud computing definitely seems to be moving towards mainstream use these days.

Android tablets are out there, even though Apple seems to dominate the market space. What’s interesting is the Amazon version of the Android operating system accounts for the majority of the Android tablets. Is the Kindle Fire truly that hot an item? Looks like it. Whether you’re using as an e-reader, video player, or just rooting it for CM7, it’s a piece of hardware and software that flew of the Amazon shelves.

Talking first quarter earnings can make some people yawn. Especially when you hear that Apple had another great quarter. This time it’s different.  Not only did Apple have a great quarter, but Apple blew away the competition boasting $11.6 billion in profit. Yes, that’s billion with a “b.” Apple earned more in profits than Google did in total revenues for the quarter.

Sony is sitting on online video for a little while. This is due to conditions involving popular ISP Comcast. Comcast has data caps and this could end up causing a lot of consumers money if more online content is consumed. Smart move by Sony? Larry discusses in great detail in his post.

Windows 8 release candidate is expected to launch early June. Who’s ready for it? What does this mean for Microsoft in the consumer and enterprise market? Enterprise will have to make the decision to migrate from Windows 7 (or XP in some cases). The problem is compatibility and efficiency. How useful will Windows 8 be in enterprise?

So Barnes and Noble are spinning off a large percentage their college-textbook and digital arms to MIcrosoft. Microsoft put in a $300 million investment. Is this yet another way for Microsoft to get back into the school systems other than their office suite. Mike and Larry discusses.

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