YATS 70: Welcome to Pruittshire


“How hard was it to do slide to unlock?”

Welcome to another episode of Yet Another Tech Show with tech evangelists Mat Lee, Larry Press and myself Ant Pruitt. We also have Chris Miller with us to talk some of the big news of the week from the world of tech as well as some of our other interesting findings and works found on aNewDomain.com and Dell’s Tech Page One. So without further ado, let’s get into this week’s show notes.

This week we start the show mentioning one of my latest articles. I wrote about having what some call a “post mortem” meeting in the world of enterprise IT. I explain that sometimes catastrophe will happen in enterprise IT and protocols and procedures are in place to get items restored. After that’s said and done, what was learned? This is the reason for having a post mortem meeting. Check out my piece here via Tech Page One.

Image Credit: Ant Pruitt

Image Credit: Ant Pruitt

iOS 7 has been pushed out to eligible iOS devices As mentioned in the announcement, UI changes were afoot and the acceptance of these changes will be heavily discussed. Good, bad or indifferent the masses will speak out. The folks used to the simplicity of iOS 6 may not like the new features of the new iOS 7. In my opinion, the UI is very nicely done as it mashes up the look and feel of legacy iOS with Android and also Windows Phone. The big featured we discussed is the fingerprint scanner on the home button. This could be a great feature in security as well as purchasing of online/app store items. What are your thoughts iOS 7? Have you received your update? Chris Miller didn’t care of the screen real estate use on the iPad.

Google bought Bump this week. Well, actually, it was more so an investment on the Bump developer team Google made. Does anyone care? I can’t remember the last time I used a bump-like feature. Heck, Mat and I just want Google Wallet to work on our Galaxy Nexus devices!


Google has also committed ($$$) to help in research which is aimed at combating aging and disease. Is this a way for Google to start development of a super human? Well maybe not, but it is admirable that the tech giant is putting some of its money into something useful and attempt to not only give people a better quality of life, but even save lives. Kudos.

Verizon Wireless got on Jeff Jarvis’s bad side by telling him his Nexus 7 LTE tablet won’t work on its mobile network. Basically saying the tablet isn’t compatible. Jarvis went to the interwebs and unleashed his thoughts to the masses as well as proposed reaching out to the FCC.

Image Credit: Jeff Jarvis

Image Credit: Jeff Jarvis

Our local educator Larry Press shared an announcement between Google and edX to form mooc.org. We discuss the positives and negatives of online education in this fashion as well as other caveats. Times have changed and now and as a country, we’re not just here to produce factory workers. We’re trying to cultivate outstanding and innovative minds in the youth today.

Lastly, Larry shared more of his Chromecast experience dealing with “casting” video. He showed off the CPU utilization stats he noticed on his dual core CPU. The Chromecast does well, but it’s not quite prime time just yet.

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