YATS 93: The Money Face


“Half an Instagram in users.”

Welcome to this week’s YATS! Also known as Yet Another Tech Show. This is your tech podcast with tech evangelist striving to bring you informative yet entertaining tech discussions. This week Mat Lee, Larry Press and myself (Ant Pruitt) are joined by Richard Hay of Google. Be sure to click on our names to see our social connections and follow us there. As you click the download button above, follow along with the show notes below.

Speaking of Richard Hay, he joins us with his new Google Glass. He shared some of his personal experiences with it, as well as some of the other local community use of Glass in the Mountain View area of Silicon Valley. Don’t ask him much about the Silicon Valley television series, because he apparently doesn’t have HBO. Whiskey, tango, foxtrot?

What a week in the world of tech. First we take a look at our beloved internet and the freedom of use that some of us have. The FCC apparently has a proposal that will essentially remove net neutrality. In short, online content creators or providers with deep pockets will be able to pay for network priority. We discuss the utter crap that this proposal is. I think Leo Laporte said it best in his Google+ post. We’re hoping that this fails to pass. I personally don’t want it to turn into listeners/viewers of YetAnotherTechShow wouldn’t be able to get our content unless it’s in ten minute audio file increments. Time for some a la carte internet?

Image Credit: LA Times

Image Credit: LA Times

In other non depressing news, Apple is now touting close to 800 million iTunes accounts on hand. That’s quite an impressive number. Is it because of the ecosystem? Maybe. I personally think it’s more of the fact of free iPhone activations hitting the market. The iPhone 4 is pretty much free to consumers these days with the release of the iPhone 5s. What are your thoughts? Larry offered us a brief rant on taking phones from carrier to carrier.

WhatsApp is now up to 500 million users. Do you all use the app? Richard and Larry know people that use it that are all off shore. Myself, I have two contacts in my app. The app is growing rapidly in Brazil and Europe. This is another way of extending the reach of Facebook. Over half of the revenue of Facebook is said to be in mobile ads. Amazing numbers. Props to Zuckerberg on this venture. It’s apparently working well for Facebook.


Would you allow the internet to name your children? There are some pretty liberal parents out there apparently. These folks allowed the magical people of the internet name their baby girl. Of course, the parents had overrule power. Can you imagine the names from the trolls of the web? How many fart or butt names were posted? Wow. There’s nothing like a baby name lottery. . . .

Lastly, Larry asks Richard about the Google terms of service and examples of derivative work. Thanks for explaining, Richard! And then Richard got into the theories of router exploits across the web.

That’s it for this week, everyone. Thank you so much for watching and downloading our show. The support means a lot. Be sure to follow us on our social connections. We enjoy chatting with you all. Hit us up in the Google+ community too. Until next week, folks!

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