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YATS 52: Byte Dust


“I just wanted say, the production value of this show is amazing”

It’s YATS episode 52! What’s going on, everyone? This is Ant Pruitt of Yet Another Tech Show. Each week Mat Lee, Larry Press, Mike Rothman and I sit down to have an informative, yet entertaining discussion on the latest technology news. We also share our findings on our social media streams. Check out all of our social connections on The Crew page here on Yet Another Tech Show. This week on YATS, we have a great guest joining the panel. Gina Smith, co-author of the book iWoz and Editing Director of aNewDomain joins us. Chris Miller from Spiked Studio joins us and Richard Hay of Google joins us as well. We appreciate them sitting down and chatting with us this week. Now scroll down and check out our show notes as you follow along with our audio and video feed.

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