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YATS 18: Memory Lane


“You took someone else’s Kindle Fire and got a brand new one out of it.”

Hey everyone, welcome to episode 18 of Yet Another Tech Show! Ant Pruitt here. We’re down one panelist this week as Mike Rothman is on vacay. So you only get the three of us this time around. Thank you all for your continued support of YATS. We enjoy the interactions with everyone on our social network platforms and each week in our live chatroom while we’re recording. Keep spreading the word and don’t forget to rate us on iTunes.

On to the show. . . .

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YATS 5: Hangout Minutes


“Maybe James Cameron was down in the Marianas Trench laying some new fiber for us.”

Hey! It’s episode 5 of Yet Another Tech Show. This is your weekly rundown of technology news, rumors, and sometimes rants. Thanks for listening to our show and growing the YATS Squadron! Be sure to check us out on iTunes, Facebook, Google Plus, and Twitter. We have also updated our panel’s bio page to give you a little more information about Mat Lee, Larry Press, Mike Rothman, and myself (Ant Pruitt).

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YATS 4: Whitespace


“You remember that one time you pissed off Bill Gates?”

Welcome to YATS! Ant Pruitt here, and this is Yet Another Tech Show episode 4. Our outstanding panel met up again to discuss the latest news in the world of tech as well as other items of interest in tech. We’re four episodes in and our listener base is continuing its amazing growth. Thank you to everyone of you, the YATS Squadron, and we appreciate you continuing to spread the word about our show. Check us out in iTunes or our RSS feed for subscription downloads.

Now, on to episode 4
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