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YATS 17: Kludge


“I do my best work in witch doctor mode.”

Hello and welcome to episode 17 of YATS. Mat Lee here with the same old guys you’ve come to know week in and week out as the YATS crew. On tonight’s episode we discuss all sorts of tech news including Marissa Mayer and Yahoo, Google helping out with the Mexican drug cartels, and more Lawsuit Larry fun with Dragon VS. Goldman Sachs. But wait, that’s not all! We have even more Lawsuit Larry fun with Aereo VS Big Media. All this and so much more relevant tech commentary you care about on episode 17 of Yet Another Tech Show. Thanks for listening, enjoy the notes.

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YATS 6: Bigger Pipes


“You told it to get off your lawn I recall.”

Hey, Ant Pruitt here, with a quick thanks for checking out episode 6 of Yet Another Tech Show. This is your weekly rundown of technology news, rumors, and sometimes rants. It has been a busy week in the world of tech and our panel sits down to discuss the ins, the outs, and our opinions on it all. Also, we are now live streaming our show as we record each week. The schedule is Wednesday at 11pm eastern, 8pm pacific. Just browse to YATS tv at yetanothertechshow.com/live to view it and join our IRC chat room.

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YATS 4: Whitespace


“You remember that one time you pissed off Bill Gates?”

Welcome to YATS! Ant Pruitt here, and this is Yet Another Tech Show episode 4. Our outstanding panel met up again to discuss the latest news in the world of tech as well as other items of interest in tech. We’re four episodes in and our listener base is continuing its amazing growth. Thank you to everyone of you, the YATS Squadron, and we appreciate you continuing to spread the word about our show. Check us out in iTunes or our RSS feed for subscription downloads.

Now, on to episode 4
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