YATS 17: Kludge


“I do my best work in witch doctor mode.”

Hello and welcome to episode 17 of YATS. Mat Lee here with the same old guys you’ve come to know week in and week out as the YATS crew. On tonight’s episode we discuss all sorts of tech news including Marissa Mayer and Yahoo, Google helping out with the Mexican drug cartels, and more Lawsuit Larry fun with Dragon VS. Goldman Sachs. But wait, that’s not all! We have even more Lawsuit Larry fun with Aereo VS Big Media. All this and so much more relevant tech commentary you care about on episode 17 of Yet Another Tech Show. Thanks for listening, enjoy the notes.

Probably the story everyone is, or was talking about in the tech world is what the hell is Marissa Mayer doing at Yahoo?

If I was Mexico, I would be super grateful to have the help of Google, or any big tech company in fighting these dangerous drug cartels. Plus, think about how many cool tech projects they could test out down in Mexico.

Dragon VS Goldman Sachs. What is on the line? About one whole Instagram, or a BILLION DOLLARS.

In more tech lawsuit news, Aereo has a pretty cool service, if Big Media will stop suing them long enough to get it off the ground and out of beta.

Harry McCracken wrote a really cool article on the clam shell design. Harry is awesome, and if you are a fan of the clam shell like we are, check out his article on CNN Tech.

Let’s pick up where we left off with Larry Press telling us more about his journey to watch the Tour de France while still having his cord cut.

From this point on, Larry explains why Apple is a kludge (or kluge) and not as simple to use as they say. Tell us how you really feel, we’re all adults here. Maybe it’s a conspiracy? Yeah, it’s probably a conspiracy. You’ve entered the Twilight Zone, and now I have mass and the Emperor has no clothes. It’s all in your head. There’s no books on the book shelf!

Mike is still loving his HTC One X, and we help him love it a little more by answering some Android questions. If you ever have any questions, write us at TheCrew@YetAnotherTechShow.com and we’ll help you out. If you want to check out what I wrote about My6sense, check out the post here on BOS. How do you consume your social media? Drop us a comment.

Here’s some more quick links:

Check out My6sense on the Play Store.

Check out Network Signal Info and Wifi Analyzer on the Play Store.

Here is the TED talk Larry was talking about. How much did your education cost?

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