YATS 10: Insult to Injury


“Where’s the print screen key on this thing?”

Hey and welcome to episode TEN of YATS! I’m Ant Pruitt and I’m going to give you a quick run of what we covered this week on Yet Another Tech Show. As usual, each show is recorded via Google Plus Hangouts on Air. We begin our recording each Wednesday roughly around 11pm eastern and 8pm pacific. You can watch our live stream of the hangout by going to YATS TV on yetanothertechshow.com/live. So each week, grab a beer (or other beverage of choice), browse to our live stream and sit back to enjoy some fresh YATS. A big THANK YOU to everyone for their tremendous support. Ten episodes is a big milestone.

On to the show notes…

Mike dropped beloved his HTC One-X! Ant sipped a beer in the memory of Mike’s phone. As you know, customs has blocked several phones from getting into the US due to patent issues and this is delaying MIke on getting a replacement. Mike loved the phone so much, he is willing to wait it out another two weeks for shipment than get some other phone.

Of course, we had to mention Facebook and their recent IPO. The stock to a dip back down as if it were overpriced to begin with. Lawyers are now hunting down Facebook regarding the IPO alleging trading tips were released prior to the IPO to certain individuals. A privacy lawsuit has come to head as well. Larry discussed further implications of the Facebook IPO. What’s going to happen with all of the folks that made a ton of money? Will this spark a huge run of new venture investments?

Want to build your own web server in about 10 minutes? Our Professor (Larry) Press tells us how going to virtual environments for hosting web pages has changed how individuals and companies are running websites. We reflect on the days of setting up the network with proper port forwarding, installing server software and services, and maintenance. Now companies like BitNami are showing these simple solutions. Just do it in a few clicks and you’re done! Our video feed shows how Larry built his test server. (Best viewed in full screen)

Mat looks at the rumor of Microsoft Office coming to iOS and Android. Why would Microsoft get into ecosystem? If the Windows 8 OS is tablet oriented why are they looking to join the tablet competitors. Do they have a choice? Is it because the iPad will continue to blow away the competition in the tablet market?

Ant reviewed an app for iOS and Android called CrowdCall. This conference call app is conference calling made easy from your mobile phone. No long 800 numbers to remember, no passcodes to remember, and no charges. The app is very easy to use and works fairly well.

Lastly, Mat decided to show us the Microsoft Social Network attempt called So.cl. Why did he show this to us? Is there even a point in Microsoft doing this? If you haven’t seen it. Check out the video feed from Mat’s screen sharing. This social network may work for Microsoft, or will completely bomb. Is it too little, too late?

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