YATS 9: Spin Sales


“I didn’t build a crappy network, it’s not my fault.”

Ladies and gents, Mat Lee here doing some notes for Yet Another Tech Show. Ant has the night off. Join us this week as Larry Press, myself and Ant Pruitt talk about the tech news that matters to us, and you. Each and every week we meet up and hangout publicly so you can join the discussion. There’s nothing like some good old real time interaction. Remember when we used to interact with each other in real time? I still do, but it’s called a day job. We’re trying to get away from that. You can watch the hangout for episode nine on YATS TV for the rest of the week, then on this YouTube playlist.

Verizon, are you seriously kidding me? You grandfathered us in, and now you want to get rid of unlimited data plans. Not cool, not nice. You make me want to quit the mobile internet Verizon.

The last Google Chrome update moved it to the tray. I guess that’s a good place for it. Chrome opens much faster for me when it comes from the tray. It’s harnessing the force or something. How many tabs do you have open? Drop us a comment!

Dear photograph, how do you take pictures? We all looked at the value of paper photograph in comparison to today’s digital photographs taken. Is this generational? How does social media value photographs?

Do you think the (former) CEO of Yahoo should have gotten in “trouble” for lying on his resume? Yeah, he probably should have. Stop lying so much. I’m starting to see why lawyers rule the world. Is the scrutiny just? Let us know what you think in the comments.

We know you love your iPhone and iPod and Android and all that, but do you love it enough to get something IMPLANTED in your skin? Yeah, we probably do.

How much do you trust your cloud? Do you trust it enough to put your personal health records and stuff up there? Sure you do, who cares! There was a little theft of online medical records over here.

My views of Mormons and / or the sillyness level of religion in general is not necessarily reflected by YATS or the #YATSsquadron. If you want to know what I’m talking about, check last 49 minutes or so of the live episode. I’m sorry, I just can’t. We’ll be sure to keep this sort of chit chat to a minimum, and if you somehow managed to trick your brain into rationalizing the existence of a higher power or deity or god or whatever, then I envy you. Kind of.

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