YATS 13: The Hundred Dollar Handshake


“Their commercial said we don’t, but we do now!”

Welcome to episode 13 of our weekly technology podcast, YATS! Ant Pruitt here, and on this lucky episode I’m joined by Mat Lee, Mike Rothman, and Shane Brady. Larry Press has the night off. In tonight’s episode we cover a ton of interesting tech stories from The Oatmeal showing everyone how to handle a lawsuit, to the great CDN Games of 2012. We talk about Apple’s WWDC announcements, Verizon’s amazing new Share Everything plans and why everyone is completely in love with them, and so much more. Tap the read more for show notes and links to articles. Thanks for listening and thanks for the chats, this has been yet another YATS!

So what happens when someone steals your property and attempts to make a name for themselves with said property? You get threatened with a lawsuit. Most geeks have heard of The Oatmeal which is a funny blog of comics based on topical items and memes. The creator of The Oatmeal is being sued by another blog that stole his images based on alleged charges of defamation. Check out how Matthew Inmann and The Oatmeal responded.

Even in his absence, Larry Press had a story regarding Netflix and Google attempting to change how content is getting into homes. These two parties and other larger companies are attempting to work with the ISP’s to establish a direct connection and improve the performance of getting this content out. How is net neutrality affected here? Think about it then drop us a comment below.

Next up we talk about Apple’s World Wide Developers Conference in San Francisco. The new hardware offerings include the Macbook Pro’s thinner case and retina display. All the laptops get the new Ivy Bridge CPU as well as OSX Mountain Lion $20 upgrade. Good stuff, but was this really BIG news? As Mike Rothman mentions, “The cheering of the smallest incremental announcement, it gets real tiring.”

How will Bill Gates and Steve Jobs be remembered? Malcolm Gladwell has stirred up quite the controversy in tech circles with an off-the-cuff remark that history will remember Bill Gates fondly while Steve Jobs slips into obscurity. He believes people will remember Gates more because of his philanthropist efforts and Jobs not so much. Fair assessment? Probably not.

More domain extensions are available. Does anyone care? What’s the point? Amazon would possibly like to have .author for their book store? That’s just one example. Will this confuse the users of the world wide web? Sounds like another money maker.

Sadly, Verizon Wireless is moving to shared plans for data. Unlimited data plans are no more. There are ways around it if you’re grandfathered in, you’ll just have to pay for an unsubsidized phone. VZW is going to get their money!

The HTC One X was finally replaced for Mike. Rumors state the WiFi signal is degraded if the device is held a certain way, similar to the iPhone Antennagate issue last year. Mike is still getting used to his new device and was concerned about rooting versus not rooting. Either way, we all want his phone to play with and possibly keep.

Lastly, we plug the latest aNewDomain article written by Ant Pruitt. Do you want to go to the theater to see the latest blockbuster, or would you rather experience your own home theater tech? Lots of feedback on this article so check it out here. Shane teases his upcoming articles and reviews of Flipboard for Android over on aNewDomain as well.

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