YATS 14: Pure Luxury


“I don’t play poker with magicians.”

Hey what’s up, everyone? Ant Pruitt here with your weekly show notes for Yet Another Tech Show or as we affectionately call it, YATS. We made it through last week’s “lucky” episode 13 and now onto show number 14. Larry Press is out on vacation, but we’re joined by aNewDomain’s Shane Brady. As usual be sure to subscribe to YATS with our RSS or iTunes and rates us, comment, “like” us, and +1 us. All of our social media connections are here on the site.

On with episode 14…

So you remember in the previous episode, we discussed one of our favorite blogs, The Oatmeal, was threatened with a lawsuit for defamation and malicious use of SEO. Well, Matthew Inmann of The Oatmeal told funny junk in his own way that he cares less about the threats and raised a TON of money for charities which was greater than the legal costs FunnyJunk.com was asking. Now the attorney representing FunnyJunk, Charles Carreon is officially suing the charities Inmann raised the money for. How ridiculous is this? I have some choice words for this general counsel.

If you’re IBM, you can wake up each day and say “my super computer will kick your super computer’s butt!” IBM now has the world’s fastest super computer with processor speeds at over 16 petaflops per second. I wonder if this computer can run the Crisis video game. Just kidding. Mike discusses more in depth information about this impressive machine.

All Things D reports that Apple is working on changing the podcast game with a dedicated podcast app that’s not part of their iTunes application. Shane discusses with the panel on what this means for the rest of the industry. Is this Apple getting set for another obscure patent war? Will the term podcast cost us money to say it? We look at current podcast states as well as other vendors such as Audible and their DRM audio book formats.

We have all heard the phrase, “fight fire with fire.” Companies are now beginning to fight back against hackers with… hacking. Intrusion detection systems are prevalent in enterprise for obvious reasons with all of the hacking going on today. Even hiring ethical hackers is common place. Now, baiting to be hacked and tracking said hackers for reporting. Reuters had a breakdown on this.

Lastly I want to push my latest piece on Linux creator Linus Torvalds giving nVidia the literal bird publicly. You should check it out over on aNewDomain here. The relationship between hardware manufacturers and the Linux development community have been interesting to get all of the hardware to work with the Linux OS. Nvidia has been a metaphorical thorn in the side of Linux in this process.

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