YATS 19: Cougar Town


“Burst our bubble uncle Larry, just burst it.”

What’s going on, YATSsquadron? This is Ant Pruitt.Thanks for checking out Yet Another Tech Show this week. We’re on episode 19 and are enjoying the opportunity to bring you informative and entertaining tech discussions from a group of tech evangelist doing this for the fun and love of technology. No talking heads here, folks. Be sure to check out the YATS Crew on their respective Google Plus, Facebook, and Twitter pages.

On with episode 19.

What is going on with Netflix and our privacy? Mat and I received an interesting email from a legal department of some sorts regarding Netflix and our membership. At first we didn’t know if it were a legitimate issue. Apparently the email is real. “Netflix unlawfully kept and disclosed information, including records on the movies and TV shows its customers viewed.” And “Netflix denies that it has done anything wrong.” What it boiled down to in layman’s terms, Netflix has shared or possibly sold your viewing data to third parties without your knowing. This could be a serious privacy issue. Sure. We’re just not sure how many people care. Mike thinks it’s more about the lawyers making a few bucks for themselves.

Cell phone tethering has been a hot topic with consumers as most feel the data bits should be used by whatever means available. If the ability to tether your phone to another device for WiFi access is available, the consumer should be able to do so. Verizon Wireless was forced by the FCC to allow Android tethering apps. Allowing these apps to run opens the door for “free” tethering. Verizon wants to bill consumers extra each month for tethering. A few caveats are listed in the motion filed by the FCC. How will this affect both the consumers, Verizon, and third parties.

Google has laced Kansas City Missouri with gigabit internet speeds. How many of you are moving to Kansas City now? Google is offering a free 5 Mbps package as well as other mid range packages. Get the gigabit speeds and you also get a Nexus 7! Seriously??? Kudos to Google. What it’s doing is using existing infrastructure to provide a better service and create more competition. Is there a catch to all of this? Larry wondered if data caps are imminent.

What’s going on with the 2012 Olympic streaming content? As Larry discussed on episode 17, it’s been a “kludge” in getting the content on different platforms. Is the demand for this service choking the bandwidth? This could be another great way to enjoy this world famous sporting event, but it seems as if NBC is making it difficult. Larry has experienced poor video quality across multiple platforms and devices. What other ways are you attempting to watch the Olympics besides your television cable feed?

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