YATS 25: Better or Worse


“All demos except for Ant Pruitt’s are B S.”

Hey what’s going on everyone? It’s Yet Another Tech Show. Your weekly podcast of tech evangelists bringing you informative and entertaining tech discussions. I’m Ant Pruitt. This week Mike Rothman, Mat Lee and myself are joined by a few guests. Shane Brady from Attack of the Androids and aNewDomain joins us as well as Chris Miller from TheSocialNetworker and aNewDomain. Larry Press was unable to join us tonight. Be sure you check out our hyperlinked profiles and follow us in social media.

Let’s get into episode 25.

Who had a big phone announcement? It’s that one company, you know the name and (some of you) love. Let’s all welcome another iPhone to the world. Listen as we tell you everything we love about the iPhone 5. The specs are well documented all over the web so we won’t detail that here. If you want to hear everything we hate, check out the latest episode of Attack of the Androids. iOS 6 and the new Apple Maps software is discussed and mocked. At this time, the map software by Apple just isn’t polished. Was this a rushed product?

Seesmic, one of Mat’s favorite third party Twitter clients, has been purchased by Hootsuite. Mat wrote a two part article a while ago about apps that make your social life easier. Check it out here on BOS. Other news with Twitter involve the relationship between Twitter and the IfThisThenThat application. Apparently, IFTTT has been in violation of the Twitter API for quite a while. What? And IFTTT didn’t know this? “If I develop on someone’s platform, then they decide to copy my functionality and restrict my API access… THAT is going to be a real crappy way to treat your developers,” says Mat. IFTTT is a pretty cool app, if you could remember to use it.

In other Twitter news, Twitter also release an update for it’s mobile apps. Sadly, it hasn’t gotten rave reviews.

Speaking of social media app updates, Facebook has updated its app. With that said, we introduce a new segment to YATS. “Better? Or Worse?” With this segment, we look at recently updated apps and discuss if it’s better or worse than before. Right now, the Facebook app is not cutting it for Mat and Shane.

Want some tech to make someone just SHUT UP? Try the Speech Jammer on for size. This device repeats a speaker’s words back to him within moments. Basically confusing and frustrating the speaker.

Mike is still working on geeking out his HTC One-X. The FoxFi NO ROOT WiFi tethering app has been the winning choice for Mike’s tethering needs. He has also jumped on board with the third party Android keyboard SwiftKey 3. We all pretty much love the SwiftKey keyboard. Now if we can get Mike to just tweak the settings a little more to earn his geek badge.

Mat introduces his new friend, Baxter. Rodney Brooks and ReThink Robots have developed some sophisticated, yet intuitive robotics for the industrial environment. Chris shares his iRobot experience with getting his lawn mowed. Sounds seamless, but I much rather do the lawn myself and not allow a machine to take that privilege. But that’s just me, I’m a southern boy that loves a fresh cut lawn.

Want a cable card installed? Don’t call Mike’s cable technicians. Mike is doing some testing and needed the card installed, but in typical cable company fashion, installation became a nuisance. You have to hear Mike’s rant on this.

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