YATS 26: Slow Clap


“This could be a suicide hotline and I’d make it fun.”

YATS! It’s Yet Another Tech Show episode 26 coming at ya. How’s everyone? Thanks for tuning in and checking out our weekly podcast brought to you by tech evangelists providing informative and entertaining tech discussions. The super producer, Mat Lee, is joined by the usual suspects of Mike Rothman, Larry Press and myself. I’m Ant Pruitt. Thank you for the continued support of YATS and be sure to check out our bios and social media connections found on the crew page.

Hold on, let me check to make sure my makeup is good… Now, let’s get into episode 26.

Online content today has its wide range in genres and audiences. We take a look at some of our favorite netcasts that are no longer recording new episodes. Well we actually ask WHY this is so? There’s so much content out available there that’s less desirable (in our opinions) and yet it seems the solid, useful content is getting the ax. We are all big fans of the TWiT network run by Leo Laporte, but we are all curious about what happened to a few of our favorite shows on his network.

Google’s stock has been on the rise recently and speculated to continue to rise. The search market is getting bigger and bigger, but there aren’t any true competitors to Google. Sure there’s Bing and Yahoo, but what have they done to prove themselves as worthy adversaries? Oh and then there’s Facebook thinking about getting into search. We discussed Facebook’s interest on episode 24 of YATS and laughed.

Since Larry missed last week’s show, we revisit Apple’s Map application versus Google Maps. It’s a story that was comical to begin with, but it’s only a matter of time before it’s corrected. Sure this is out of the character of Apple, but things happen.

The BlackBerry Jam America conference was this week in San Jose. The keynote speech and demonstration from RIM CEO Thorston Heins was one of a few interesting notes. The highlight of the keynote was the forthcoming BlackBerry 10 operating system. This OS does look nice. We wonder if the adoption will bring RIM back to life. The keynote video can be found here. It’s worth watching, as we mention in the show.

Google’s self-driving car has been approved in California. What does this mean for Google and the streets of California? This bill approves a driver sitting behind the wheel while the vehicle drives itself. Larry have his pet “YAD” (YetAnotherDog) driving his future self-driving car? I can only imagine how soon these vehicles are rooted once released into the wild.

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