YATS 35: The Annals of Sleazy Marketing


“First of all, does anybody remember Blockbuster?”

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On with the show, folks. . . .

Remember last week we were just a little skeptical about the “findings” from our beloved Mars Rover team? Supposedly, something was found that would be worthy of the history books. Yeah right. Well, the team found something, but it wasn’t as big as expected… Some organic material was found in soil, but this isn’t enough evidence to prove life as the team hoped.

I’m so over the Mars rover. We give (well deserved) credit to these geniuses that have gotten this project working and research on-going, but how many desert views can they show us? Is there anything else to share from Mars?

Call of Duty Black Ops 2 reached $1B in sales faster than the movie Avatar. This is a great feat for the game developers, but what do you expect at $60 per game? I discussed that I am clearly happy with last year’s game, Modern Warfare 3, but I am still intrigued by Black Ops 2.

Dish Network owns Blockbuster? Does anyone even remember Blockbuster? Dish is looking to somehow use Blockbuster venues to start selling mobile phones. Dish will work with existing carriers for mobile phone sales. Coming soon to a neighborhood near you, Verizon Kiosks by Blockbuster. What’s the significance of Dish Network doing this? Is this just a way to boost the value of its property (Blockbuster)?

McAfee Antivirus inventor, John McAfee is still in the news after fleeing Belize. He was questioned previously about his neighbor’s murder. Why is he hiding? Is McAfee guilty?

Thank you Mike for the kudos on my writing getting published on Dell’s new technology site. I discussed the fun I had with using DLNA in my home entertainment set up. You can check out my write up over on TechPageOne by Dell.

Sadly, there is more controversy in Syria. The positive thing is that the internet community is working to help citizens stay connected to the web with different offerings of dial-up connections. Other countries in the world has so much turmoil within their respective governments that trickle down to how the web is used. Limiting access or even free speech on the net is a common tactic. Larry shared more details on his Google+ feed showing how Syria was able to get back online.

WiMax is down for the count. Ok, actually WiMax is dead. This was a networking standard that’s been around for approximately 10 years, but never really got the wide acceptance. This may have been due to poor implementation. Having LTE and HSPA+ available now adds more dirt to the grave. Larry shared a graphic showing the rise and fall of WiMax since the inception of LTE.

Sit back and enjoy Uncle Larry’s rant about the anals. . .er sorry. . .ANNALS of sleazy marketing, featuring Network Solutions. This is a classic moment from Mat and Larry.

Followers of Mat Lee know that he’s not only a super producer, but he’s also a damn good rap artist. Mat now has two hip hop albums published and released in Google Play. If you haven’t checked it out, go do it NOW. We discussed the avenues of getting Mat’s music out to the public including posting SoundCloud clips versus getting it into the Play Store. I enjoy the Play Store options because it allows for sharing with my Google+ circles. As I purchased tracks, I shared them and saw an amazing organic conversation about Mat’s music and how great it was. I hope the sharing leads to more sales for Mat. Be sure to check him out in the Play Store and give him rating.

Finally, Microsoft is going to gouge enterprises with additional license fees for its product use. The bring your own device (BYOD) phenomenon today can prove to be costly for some companies. It surprised us that Microsoft won’t even cut a break for companies using Windows Phone.

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