YATS 36: OCT(31) = DEC(25)


“I’m trading them with my friends and catching them all.”

Hey everyone, Mat Lee here with show notes for episode 36 of our favorite tech podcast, YATS. Ant Pruitt has the night off. Remember, this is the last episode until the new year, so have a safe holiday. On tonight’s episode we talk about some quick updates to the John McAfee made for real life tv drama, Google Maps on iOS, Google Communities, Facebook and the Taliban, Apple TV designs, and so much more. Keep on reading for links to what we’ve discussed. Thanks for listening, and help spread the word via the share buttons below the post.

We have a couple more updates on the John McAfee situation. You should really check out his blog The Hinterland and read the chaos. Here’s a link to an article on CNN.

Are you ready for me to do some material? Check this out. What is up with people getting excited for calendar dates? It’s 12.12.12, but people act like it’s magical or something like they have no idea how counting or calendars work.

Mike gives us this years holiday quiz. What does this expression do for you? OCT(31) = DEC(25) Think about it. I don’t get it, but I’m sure most of you will. Thanks Mike!

Ready for some BREAKING NEWS! Patrick Jordan shares that Google Maps is now available on iOS.

Have any of you noticed the Google outages lately? Hopefully everything is all good now and working. You don’t really realize how much you depend on these companies until they disappear from the net. Let’s all hope that never happens. Wired has an interesting article here.

Let’s talk about Google Communities. Ant has a community for mobile photography. You can check it out here. If we created a community for all the podcasts, would you guys interact with it? Let us know. TheCrew@YetAnotherTechShow.com and help us build a community!

Facebook recently closed down a page the Taliban was using to recruit other like minded individuals. Does that sound weird to you? Here’s the article on NBC news.

Google+ or Facebook? Which do you prefer? For people like us, we have to be everywhere to accommodate our darling public. Yes, you are all my darlings. I think for my money, Google provides better services using our data than Facebook does. But most of my normal type friends are on Facebook.

Google and Facebook release their 2012 top ten trend lists. Check out Google Zeitgeist 2012 here. This really says something about our culture and the internet meme. Search better people. CNN has an article about it here.

There’s been some reports of Apple testing TV designs. Give me a quick second while hangouts crashed. Ok, so there’s this article on technology review. Oh and in some more breaking news, Google Maps for iOS is apparently back in the app store.

Google Currents got an update. I’m still not going to use it, but it’s becoming more appealing with each update. Let’s see if they fixed the lag issues. ZDnet has an article here.

Check out this cool cooling technology from GE. It’s jet engine technology, and it might cool your next tablet. Forbes has an article about it here.

Have any of you guys played Ingress yet? When I get an invite I suppose I’ll have to check it out. Considering I drive for a living, this might be kind of fun. Get outside and lose some weight!

This is the last episode until after the holidays, that’s why it’s released a bit late. Enjoy it, savor it and have a great holiday. We’ll see you next year! In the meantime, keep up with us via the social networks. You know where we’re at.

Check out Patrick Jordan’s work over on iPadinsight.com.

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