YATS 37: Point and Shoot


“I want one of those for my drone.”

Holy cow, we’re back and it’s the first episode of 2013. Thanks for checking out YATS. Mat Lee here joined on this episode by Larry Press and Michael Olsen. Ant and Mike Rothman will be back next week. On tonight’s episode we discuss some cool CES 2013 stuff, Eric Schmidt taking a trip to North Korea, Google Communities, the Linux gun, internet in Myanmar, a prosthetic arm that feels, and a fake war on Wikipedia. Keep on reading for links to what we’ve discussed. Thanks for listening, and help spread the word via the share buttons below the post.

There’s been a lot of interesting stuff coming out of CES 2013. Samsung has some bendable OLED screen tech, showing on both Android and Windows Phone. One step closer to my circular phone. CBS news has an article about it here.

Probably the biggest thing talked about that I saw last night coming out of CES was the Linux gun. Are you down with this or not so much? ARS Technica has an article about it here.

Sorry about the audio, Larry was having a time with hangouts for some reason.

Google Communities has been pretty interesting. We have one for Attack of the Androids, and YATS! Check it out. It’s more of a two way conversation, so come converse!

Also coming out of CES 2013, Microsoft’s IllumiRoom. It looks like it has some potential, but it also looks like a crappy projector. I’m sure it looks much cooler in person. Video Game Writers has an article and video about it here.

Also cool out of CES is the new Parrot AR Drone. Cnet has an article about it here.

Here’s the Lenovo Michael was talking about.

For some cool off the beaten path stuff, check out Danny Sullivan’s article on Cnet.

Also cool out of CES is the new Parrot AR Drone. Cnet has an article about it here.

Who’s ready for the internet of things? Check out the TED talk with Todd Kuiken about a prosthetic arm that feels. Thanks Larry for bringing this up. Also, here is the link to the Big Picture Science episode I mentioned about brain to machine interface.

Eric Schmidt took a trip to North Korea. Can anyone make sense of this? We sure try, but I don’t know. The Washington Post has an article about it here. Here is a link to the OTM North Korea stuff.

Larry wrote an interesting post called Impressions of the Internet in Yangon, Myranmar. Check it out here.

Larry also wrote a post about a fake war that was on Wikipedia for about five years. Wikipedia is great, but you should always check your information if it comes from the internet. Here’s a link to Larry’s post.

Be sure to check out Michael Olsen’s blog over at TechImprovement.com. You can find Larry’s blog here.

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