YATS 38: Resistance is Futile


“There may or may not be money in Java pen testing.”

This. . .is. . .Yet Another Tech Show. I hope everyone is well and we thank you for checking out our weekly technology podcast. Here you will find our super producer Mat Lee, Mike Rothman, Larry Press and myself, Ant Pruitt. This week we have a full house in for our broadcast. We’re joined by Isaac Kendall, Chris Miller and Michael Olsen. Be sure to check out these guys’ profiles here in the show notes. Isaac, Chris and Michael have some great content for you and we appreciate them joining us this week.

On to the show, but first take a deep breath and try to have a moment of zen.

Why? Keep reading to find out!

Mike Rothman opens the show with a brief discussion about a conference he attended last week. It featured Jon Kabat-Zinn, Ph.D, a retired MIT professor and neuroscientist. He discussed “mindfulness” which is essentially meditation in his terms. It was a very interesting conference focusing on listening to your body.

Facebook has announced its Graph Search feature this week. Michael Olsen and Chris Miller gave us a little more insight on what this means for Facebook. It looks like an easier way to target ads for marketing firms. Mike Rothman and I have our doubts on it, but it does make a little more sense after the explanation.

CES 2013 is done and over with, but not without controversy. CNET hosted an award show for the expo, but had to pull the Dish Network Hopper device noted as “best in show” because of a lawsuit between CBS and Dish. CBS requested this action and pulled the award from Dish. As writers for anewdomain.net, techpageone and groovypost, we have varying opinions on this matter. CNET is a CBS property.

Speaking of Groovypost, Mike wrote a great piece looking at the channel structure of video content on the beloved YouTube. There’s so much content available for free on YouTube. Is this yet another reason for consumers to cut the cord of cable or satellite? You can even buy some great movies and television shows that are current and not three seasons old. Not to mention services such as Netflix and Hulu providing great content without the cord.

Mat now has a Nexus 10 tablet. Mike Rothman had some curiosity about the device and its use. Mat shared and demonstrated the user account options on the JellyBean OS and has been impressed with the performance. The tablet really is nice. Sadly, we all wait on more Nexus line accessories from Google, other than the power cord. Where are the docking devices, Google?

Is there money computer programming? That would be “yes.” Today businesses are begging for apps to promote themselves. There are tons of mobile devices using apps that were custom developed. Corporations look to develop custom applications to use in-house and save money. I wrote a piece further illustrating this over on Dell TechPageOne.

We’ve mentioned the game of Ingress on a previous episode of YATS. This invite-only game is still a beta. Personally, I was so confused as I tried to play it initially. Resonators, Links, Portals, what? I had no idea about this game. Things did get better as I wrote a commentary on Ingress over on aNewDomain.net. Do you play? What faction are you a part of?

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