YATS 39: Drive-by Hacking


“It’s all about texting while you’re driving, Larry.”

It’s time for another great episode of Yet Another Tech Show, or as we affectionately call it – YATS. Thanks for coming and checking out the show. I’m Ant Pruitt joined by the super producer Mat Lee, Larry Press and Mike Rothman. We are tech evangelists here to bring you informative tech discussions with an entertaining delivery. Be sure to join us live during our live-stream each Wednesday approximately 11:00pm eastern. We have a the show streaming on YATS-TV and a great chat room for follow up discussion with other listeners. We also have a YATS Community on Google+. Come join us there throughout the week. Chat with us, submit story suggestions for the show and laugh at Facebook with me. Well maybe not laugh at Facebook. Anyway, let’s get into the show.

Three of the four YATS panelist are now members of team Resistance. “Ant what do you mean by team Resistance?” Well, I’m talking about one of the two factions in the game of Ingress. Our Mike Rothman is now playing Ingress while in the Silicon Valley and is having a great time with it. One day we hope to get “uncle” Larry on board with Ingress, but first we need to get him an actual Android phone that’s not running the “eclair” operating system. I kid, Larry, I kid.

The well known tech activist Kim Dotcom has launched his new “Mega” service. Kim Dotcom last year had his popular file sharing site MegaUpload seized due to copyright violations for the files stored. MegaUpload was a great file sharing site, but it was very easy to share pirated data with this service. Now he has his new Mega venture launched one year to the day after his arrest.. We discuss the supposed security measures he has in place to make the site legit as well as the storage offerings to the new accounts.

Mat posted a story in the YATS Google+ Community that mentions pirate music users tend to actually purchase more music than others. About 30% more, actually. Larry makes a great point that a user pirating music probably really enjoy music. Therefore, he/she will spend more money to get their favorite artists and tracks. I discuss the Ant Pruitt “part time pirate” policy. Mike shares his thoughts on why he’s using online music subscriptions services.

In more piracy discussion, Microsoft has found 13 PC resellers distributing systems with pirated Windows operating systems. Oops. Big names such as Lenovo, Asus and Acer are tied with it, but it’s not them doing the reselling. It’s the other third-party vendors. These are resellers in Shanghai. Settlement talks are in the works.

Google has been fielding tons of request for information from law enforcement. Why? We discuss the potential data set of the 20,000 request for 33,000 users for the last half of 2012.

We can’t go through this show and not mention the amazing 4th quarter of 2012 Apple had. Apple sold over 47 million iPhones and well over 20 million iPads. Insane numbers and profits for the Cupertino tech company. Sadly, stock analyst feel this isn’t good enough. Mike gives us a better explanation as to why the analyst feel they way they feel. Kudos to Apple. More record numbers for these folks.

Mike takes a deeper look at the Facebook Graph Search. What are the signals being used to return data in the search? People “like” different things on the web. Some things are valid, some may be just for kicks and giggles. These likes can be used as parameters in the search.This search tool could even be used to case a house for vandalism. Because people posts they’re going on vacation and just bought an iPad. (NOTE: Yet Another Tech Show does NOT condone such behavior or the use of Facebook Graph Search for reasons of breaking the law.)

Larry discussed more on the internet infrastructure and undersea wire for the Cuban community. Recent tests have seen that the broadband connection is getting better and more ready for implementation over the current satellite internet connection the islands are using. Also he discussed the Telco in a Bag from Allan Gross.

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