YATS 40: Loose Screws


“Why are you watching Netflix while you’re driving?”

It’s time for your weekly dose of fresh YATS! Welcome to our technology podcast, everyone. This is Yet Another Tech Show. It’s the podcast where we as tech evangelist strive to bring you informative, yet entertaining tech discussions. We are Mat Lee, Mike Rothman, Larry Press and myself Ant Pruitt. Be sure to follow our social media connections and check out our YATS Google+ community. Let’s get into the week’s interesting tech discussions.

Do you remember the smartphone company, RIM? Well they are no more. Poof! Gone! Done! Well not really, RIM is the company responsible for the previously popular BlackBerry smartphones. RIM has re-branded itself as BlackBerry. In September of 2012, RIM. . .er. . .BlackBerry announced it’s newest operating system dubbed BlackBerry 10. We look back at that announcement and compare it to this week’s launch. Here’s my commentary of the launch over on aNewDomain.net.

There’s a simple pleasure with Android versus other smartphone operating systems. Mike looks at the sharing option Android devices have when sharing between apps. iOS has limitations on what apps can share with each other.

We were hoping to have poll results from the students of Larry Press’s class regarding Ingress participation. Mat, Mike and myself are still digging this game from Niantic Labs at Google. Have you all played yet?

Mike brought to our attention some breaking news. Allegedly, The New York Times has been hacked by Chinese hackers. This has been an on-going cat and mouse game for about three months. It doesn’t look to be some teenager attempting to DDOS the New York Times, but it’s looking much more serious.

It’s time for some consumers to get new cell phones. Or so I assume. I’ve been asked a lot about different devices to get as the new smartphone, but the biggest concern is the data package to select. I wrote a blog post discussing the scare tactics used by mobile carriers warning consumers about data cap overages. Larry uses MVNO technology for his cell services where you basically pay for what you use. He explains how Walmart is getting into the MVNO market as well.

How concerned are you about the DMCA stating that unlocking smartphones is illegal? This had a large ripple effect in the consumer world, but leave it to the geeks to properly explain the issue. Some assumed that this meant jailbreaking or rooting your smartphone will be illegal. Fortunately, there may be a way around this. Stay tuned for the court rulings on whether this act is just.

Larry has read that the FCC want’s there to be a gigabit city in every state by 2015. They’re dubbing it the Gigabit Challenge. How cool would this be? What would it mean for the other bandwidth in the state? The 5 GHz bandwidth spectrum is now available as well. Larry believes that this sounds like a more proactive attempt by the government at making this happen. Google could potentially be a great ISP and make more and more money off of ads with bigger bandwidth being used from home to home.

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