YATS 47: Note to Self


“If I got an hour to kill, I’m farting around on StumbleUpon, not YouTube.”

Welcome to episode 47 of Yet Another Tech Show. This is the show featuring tech evangelist that love to bring you informative, yet entertaining tech discussions. This week we have Mat Lee, Mike Rothman and Larry Press on deck for discussion. Myself, Ant Pruitt, was asleep on the east coast and missed the show. No worries, such a great show because our team is stout and truly enjoy our tech discussions each week. Let’s get into some show notes, folks.

Ever wonder what happens in a minute on the internet? Intel shares some amazing data in an infographic. According to the graphic 639,800GB of global IP data are transferred. Yes, that’s gigabytes. There are further stats broken down that are truly astounding such as 320 new Twitter accounts are created in a minute. Have you ever thought about how much truly goes on behind the scenes of the internet we love? Mounds and mounds of data. Why? Because we now have the infrastructure in place to create, share, or consume via the web.

What’s going on with North Korea and South Korea? South Korea has detected attacks on its networks which lead to several banks going offline. South Korea has now detected the attack came from North Korea IP addresses. Cyber warfare is real. Whether we want to believe it or not, the countries of the world are fearful of each other and are always using some form of intelligence to keep track of what’s going on with other countries. Even if the intelligence means to sniff packets on a network.

How do you watch YouTube? Is it for cat videos, tutorials, or even watching music videos. The guys discuss YouTube’s continued growth and success. According to Techcrunch nearly 1 of every 2 users on the web visits YouTube. There are tons of content varying in range.This stat gives YouTube its one billionth monthly user.

Mike still wasn’t happy with the forthcoming death of Google Reader, but he’s also curious why the world needs Google Keep. There are other note taking apps available such as SpringPad and Evernote, but Google wanted to get into the game. Mat gives a us a quick demo of Keep by way of his Nexus 10 and Google Now. It was pretty impressive coupled with the speech-to-text feature of the Googleverse.

This week in MOOC news, Larry discusses that the governor of California wants to update the model of higher education. Finances today are forcing many well-deserved students to miss out on a degree opportunity. Also, class capacity is a factor. But it is a sad state when you look at what textbooks costs for students. The California governor is pushing for an open textbook model for the university students as well as accepting outside university courses when student demand isn’t met.

Microsoft is offering up some big money to developers to get apps into the Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8 platforms. Ok, it’s not big money. It’s $100 per app. Is this a sign of desperation? What else can Microsoft do to attract developers?

International development professor Alan Gross is still in a Cuban prison for a 15 year term. While in Cuba, Gross was arrested for use of a personal area network which apparently is illegal to have there. Larry has more details of the arrest, but today Larry looks at Gross’s physical state. He was 254 pounds upon incarceration, and is now at 144 pounds. What is going on in this prison that makes a man lose almost 100 pounds?

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