YATS 48: Universal Condemnation


“Can we just poll Ant’s ego?”

Welcome to episode 48 of Yet Another Tech Show. Here you will get your fix of informative and entertaining tech discussions. This week we have a full house on the panel featuring Mat Lee, Larry Press, Mike Rothman, Chris Miller and myself – Ant Pruitt. Click on our names to find our social connections on Google+. Connect with us there. We enjoy connecting with our listeners and readers. Now let’s get into some show notes, shall we?

Cyberwarfare isn’t just going on between North and South Korea, but now between spam blocker Spamhaus and web host Cyberbunker. The back story is Cyberbunker agrees to host most any web service minus child pornography and terrorist related sites. It doesn’t ask, it doesn’t tell, it doesn’t care. This creates a large umbrella for Cyberbunker allowing several types of sites and services under its watch. Spamhaus recently added Cyberbunker to its block list as potential spammer. This didn’t sit well with Cyberbunker and lead to a denial of service attack (DDOS) on Spamhaus. We discuss this matter as well as the well-known flaw in our internet infrastructure that allows DDOS attacks to happen.

Uh oh, Amazon S3 has a security leak. Mike calls this a “giant oops.” Amazon has left some items left on its servers essentially wide open. Items such as database backups, gaming logs, and sales information are all exposed (at this time). How does Amazon’s team allow this to happen? We discuss and I whimper.

Chris received his BlackBerry Z10 to review. He’s excited to spend time with the device that is proposed as the “savior phone” for BlackBerry. The Z10 touted modest hardware, but did offer nice features within the camera, keyboard and of course the security aspect of BlackBerry. We look forward to a full report from Chris on the BlackBerry Z10.

We talked about the Google Keep app now integrating with GoogleNow on Android 4.2. Google has shared a new wrinkle in GoogleNow where you can take notes from GoogleNow into other apps on your mobile device. Lifehacker showed how you can now dictate into Evernote via GoogleNow. This isn’t limited to just to note taking apps. If you don’t have those apps, then the action will send you an email via Gmail. Slowly, but surely Google is growing its empire of tech tools and gadgets. We also ponder how this will integrate with Google Glass.

You all hear about the Adria Richards story? She got a lot of backlash for taking pictures and tweeting them. Well there’s more to it than that. Richards didn’t seem to appreciate the comments made by other attendees at a conference that were more on the side of inappropriate it. Drama begins as she was fired for the tweet, the gentlemen in question were terminated and Richards received DDOS attacks. Where did this story go wrong? Should any of these threats have happened? Was Richards in the wrong?

Let us all give a big cheer for the latest Gmail app update! The latest update now allows you to use the swipe feature on your mail to delete the message. Also, you can delete messages from the notification bar in Android. This may not be big deal to most, but to Mat and I, this is quite convenient. On a side bar, how much of your email do you keep? Do archive? Chris asks this question because we all have to consider the storage cap Gmail has on all accounts. Even if you archive messages, you’re still budgeting against your mailbox storage capacity.

Larry shares his blog post about Google exploring whites spaces broadband in South Africa. This is good news to see that research is in place to give the world faster internet connections. Sadly, some of us technolust guys would like to have this research and testing data here in the states. Currently, only Olathe, Kansas is seeing the love from Google and its network. Yes we understand there are variables such as where the dark fiber actually is geographically. At any rate, come on Google, spread the wealth to the southern U.S!

Have you ever heard of Carma? This is such a cool botnet that gives an analysis of pingable IP addresses on the web. It looks at data density and regions all over the globe. Larry shared this on his blog with a great graphic. Yes, I did say it was a botnet pulling this data. See, not all botnets are evil.

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