YATS 49: Charlie Foxtrot


“This thing keeps rebooting, it’s really annoying.”

Welcome to Yet Another Tech Show episode 49. Thank you to all of you for coming in and listening to our how. This is the technology podcast where not only will you get great tech discussions, but you will definitely get entertaining tech discussions. Our panel includes producer Mat Lee, Mike Rothman, Larry Press and myself. They call me Ant Pruitt. This week we are also joined by two great guests. Listener, Eric Schimelpfenig of Sketch This joins us and Richard Hay of aNewDomain and Google joins us as well. Many thanks to them for joining us. Be sure to check out their profiles hyperlinked in their names. Ok, let’s get into our show.

Happy birthday to the cell phone! The cell phone is now 40 years-old. We take a look back at the birth of the device we can’t seem to leave behind. We also discuss our first experiences with cell phones in our early days of geekdom. Do you remember your first cell phone experience or your first cell phone? Mike and myself think the next phase is implanted smartphones. Let’s imaging having Cyanogen Mod running on our implanted smartphone. Be sure to listen as “uncle” Larry shows up fashionably late and tells how he pretty much blew off “some guy” from Motorola demoing a cell phone.

In cord cutter news, Aero is looking to take over more ground with its proposed television service. Good news for consumers, bad news for networks? Larry and Mike share more details on the case between Aero and the networks. Essentially you have streaming broadcasted content on tiny antennas. Larry thinks it’s bogus. The underlying problem is Aero could be in a situation of copyright infringement if streaming the wrong content.

Smartphone cameras have getting more technology not only in their chipsets, but now in their cameras. Toshiba has tech in place for smaller camera sensor and getting 13mp images on your smartphone. How will this camera innovation affect the smartphone consumers? It’s sad to think this technology would be totally wasted on most consumers.

Let us pause for a moment as Eric goes on a Samsung rant… You HAVE to listen to this story.

Facebook announced its Facebook Home for Android product. Being the local Facebook hater, I’m not sold on this new feature. What’s the point? Facebook should focus more on getting an app to work more efficiently than trying to build a glorified launcher for Android devices. Mat has had poor success using the Facebook app. Fix that first! Queue the Mat Lee rant.

In the obscure would of Bitcoin, the currency has now reached a high in value. I am still ignorant on what bitcoin is as well as how it will affect day to day consumers. Thanks to Mat and his explanation, I have determined I don’t care about and more than likely won’t have it. We do agree that the currency could be a good thing as it will be in the power of all of the masses and not government control. Good thing, right?

That’s it for this week’s episode of YATS. Thank you all for coming out and listening to our show. We are a group of technologist that enjoy talking tech, but also enjoy having fun with the tech stories. Be sure to subscribe and rate Yet Another Tech Show in iTunes as it will boost us in the podcast rankings. Be sure to check out the show via RSS and Stitcher as well. We have a great community on Google+ and also enjoy conversing on Twitter and Facebook. Thanks, YATS Squadron!

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