YATS 50: Big Yawn


“Why on Earth would I live there?”

Hello and welcome to episode 50 of our weekly tech show, YATS. Mat Lee here, Ant Pruitt has the night off from writing show notes. Join us, along with Mike Rothman, and Larry Press at the airport. We also have Richard Hay helping us celebrate 50 episodes of YATS. Make sure to check out the Google+ community and interact with us throughout the week. The rest of our social is to the right, click the names for our profiles, and enjoy the show notes. In tonight’s episode we talk about Facebook and Android, the evolution of propaganda with technology, Hyperlapse, Google Maps art, Google Fiber coming to Austin Texas, Microsoft’s Communication and Collaboration Strategy, and so much more. Again, thank you so much for listening, it’s been a great 50 episodes and we all look forward to at least 50 more. On to the notes…

You’ve all heard by now about the Facebook phone, aka their new home on Android. It’s a launcher basically, but they did partner with HTC to develop the First. Is this exciting for you? Because it’s really not exciting for me. Especially because their normal Facebook Android app is a horrendously laggy, terrible experience. Marketing Land has a good article about the HTC First and the FairSearch complaint.

I really got a kick out of the evolution of propaganda, as seen in this cool picture. What is really going on over there? There’s an interesting blog here by Sophie Schmidt on her visit to North Korea.

Check out this awesome Google Street View HyperLapse. If you want to make your own, check out the Hyperlapse tool here. There is a great article about Hyperlapse here on the Teehan+Lax site.

Richard brought up this interesting art project. Taken from the site: “Each image is composited from thousands and thousands of thumbnails extracted as screen grabs from Google Maps, which are then reconstructed piece by piece using Photoshop to produce such incredibly detailed images, a level of detail one can only really experience in person.” You definitely have to check it out.

Google Fiber is coming to Austin next. Do you live there? You should sign up. I definitely want Google Fiber in Kalispell Montana. Bring it!

Google Ventures has launched a Google Glass collective. It’s really good to see Glass getting a ton of money thrown at it. This will make Glass amazing. Or so we hope. Mike Rothman has a great prediction for this year, and it includes Google Glass. Check out this cool infographic on how Glass works.

Lifehacker has an interesting poll about favorite social networks. Go vote and check out the results. They are quite staggering.

Another drop in PC sales. Does this bring upon us the post PC era everyone has been talking about? Please stop saying that. Are you still computing personally? Then be quiet.

What is the deal with Microsoft’s Communication and Collaboration Strategy? Check out the article here. Mike and Richard bring up some great points.

The network is the computer. Who remembers Sun? Richard tells us a story about how Sun almost bought Apple.

In some breaking news, Adam Orth leaves Microsoft. This is why you should be nice to people on Twitter. Even the idiots. Great story regardless.

That’s it for the show, thanks for listening, watching, subscribing, and interacting socially. Since I’m writing the notes this week I should plug my hip hop music. Check out Mat Lee on Google Play. Be sure to follow everyone from the show socially.

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