Afterthoughts: YATS 19

Hello and welcome to another installment of Afterthoughts, our YATS blog. Ant Pruitt here. In episode 19 of YATS, Larry discussed his woes of getting the Olympic coverage streamed to him at his convenience. Face it, those of us passionate about the Olympics are battling with the timezone difference. I signed up for the NBC online streaming package with hopes of seeing live feeds at 5 am eastern standard time. Unfortunately, Larry was right about the online experience.

In my experience, only about 25% of the time was I able to successfully watch LIVE Olympic coverage via NBC Olympics online. It really disappointed me. I don’t know if it was the load from the rest of the world or what other variables were involved. I tried different browsers, network connections and OS’s but still had the same results.

I’ve had GREAT success with the NBC Live Extra Android application. This is the same as the web version, but much smoother oddly enough. Why? The tablet and Droid X hardware is well below the standards of any PC I’ve used. The tablet handled the video streams extremely well. It really disturbed me that I couldn’t enjoy it as well on the desktop PC.

I wonder if any others are experiencing the same issues. The Olympic games are still going strong. Even with the conclusion of the men’s 100 meter dash, there are still other quality events to view outside of track and field.

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