The Crew

Yet Another Tech Show panel consists of a wide variety of folks from all walks of life. We’re a group that looks at tech with the eyes of professionals as well as consumers. We want to give our listeners a laid back enjoyable show casually chatting about tech, while providing some great insight that you can only get from YATS. Here’s a brief introduction to the core YATS crew:

Mat Lee

Mat Lee – Based in Kalispell, MT, Mat Lee is a podcast hosting audio engineering writer who met the team when they all helped bring BYTE back. He currently writes for and Dell’s Tech Page One. You can also find some of his earlier writing at He hosts Attack of the Androids, is the creator of the Jamhole, the Hot Box, and Yet Another Tech Show. Mat also writes hip hop. Follow his musings on Twitter @TheJamhole, on YouTube, Facebook and on Google+.

Mike Rothman

Mike Rothman – Based in San Francisco, Mike Rothman is a tech evangelist and senior writer for groovyPost. Specializing in everyday tools that make life better.

Larry Press

Larry Press – Based in Los Angeles, Larry Press is a professor of Information Systems at California State University at Dominguez Hills and is a founding senior editor at Larry was one of the founding members of teamBYTE(.com), the editorial edit team that helped UBM relaunch BYTE in mid 2011. He is +Larry Press on Google Plus.

Ant Pruitt

Ant Pruitt – Based in Charlotte, NC area, Anthony is an IT professional that enjoys spending time with all things tech. Ant is also a senior contributor for He labels himself as 33% geek, 33% nerd, 33% dork, and 1% to be determined. He can be found on Google Plus at +Ant Pruitt and twitter via @ihavnolyfe.