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YATS 11: Saving Lives and Serving Ads


“Emails, that’s all people are creating, emails.”

Hello and welcome to another episode of our weekly tech podcast, YATS! Mat Lee here, and if you didn’t know, I host this beast. Joining me on episode 11 of Yet Another Tech Show is the whole crew of Mike Rothman, Ant Pruitt and Larry Press. We have a great episode for you, and as usual, if you want to see the archive video from the taping, they live here on my YouTube tech show playlist. You can also view the latest episode on YATS TV. Regardless of how you consume our discussions, we encourage you to subscribe to the RSS feed in iTunes, or you’re favorite podcast app, that way you get fresh high quality crystal clear YATS each and every week. If you use iTunes, make sure to write us a quick review. Also, we are social creatures, so please reach out and interact with us via the social network buttons in the upper right. We focus our social networking on the YATS Facebook page, Google+ page, and Twitter account. Reach out and let’s chat, and please share YATS with your friends. Tap, click, or press the read more for links to show notes. Thanks for listening!

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