YATS 15: Cool and Creepy


“This is the birth of Skynet telling you what it thinks you need to know.”

Welcome everyone, to episode 15 of our weekly technology podcast, YATS. Ant Pruitt here, and this week we have the whole gang back in the saddle again. Larry Press returns from his vacation with his golden-baked tan and usual laid back persona. Also this week we’re joined by special guest Isaac Kendall, editing member of a New Domain. Be sure to check us out each and every Wednesday live on YATS TV, and while you’re there join in the live show discussion in our chat room. Tap the read more for some show notes.

You can’t be a tech show and not talk about the announcements from the Google I/O 2012 conference. Google’s developer conference announced the fairly accurately rumored Nexus tablet for the Android ecosystem. This device is running the newest Android OS version 4.1 aka JellyBean. They also showed off the Google Project Glass device. Android 4.1 Jellybean is an incremental release touting more efficient multitasking on mobile devices as well as more fluidity in screen actions and app performance. Google also announced updates to Google Maps with the Google Now implementation working more on the speed of updates. The Nexus Q device is a set top “box” used to play multimedia from the cloud. The device looks interesting at a whopping $299.

Microsoft is rumored to have research in progress for manufacturing a smartphone. Just as it decided to manufacture a tablet device. We look at the ramifications of the notion. Microsoft has the ability to partner with other manufacturers, but can decide against it. Will the margins be to their advantage in this? Can Microsoft even come back and grab the mobile market? Its previous attempts at self branding cell phones was a disaster with the Kin line of phone.

Isaac Kendall brings up that Samsung has shortages of the Galaxy S III, yet it’s claiming more than 10 million of them will be sold in July alone. We’re not sure what kind of math or economics Samsung is following, but it just doesn’t add up to us. Wait until you hear about the shipment of S III’s his local carrier received recently.

Apple releases a statement that proves it’s a human company by stating it’s not immune to viruses and malware in its app store. We discuss the culture behind OSX users versus Windows users in regards to malware. It’s debatable on how a Windows user navigates online and through different source material with suspicion of malicious threats.

Mat wrote an article about cyber war that will hopefully make you think. The Stuxnet malware made a lot of news when discovered, but there are many different ideals to look at. Does this define cyber warfare? Where do we stand as users in this? Are we soldiers or casualties? This is a great read found on Mat’s Google Plus page.

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