YATS 21: This Streaming Thing


“I streamed a lot while I was at work at the office, and it wasn’t the best experience.”

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On with the show!

The 2012 Summer Olympics are in the books. Larry has been diving into ways of consuming the Olympic content online as he’s a cord cutter. The experiences ranged from horrible to not so bad. He has blogged a good bit about his experiences with the NBC online services as well as the offerings from the BBC as well thoughts on future streaming. The services definitely varied in management based on the provider. For example, you could even notice a difference in the commentators’ delivery regarding a particular event. Some were “warm and fuzzy”, others were just about the event at hand. NBC is fortunately archiving the Olympic coverage allowing us to relive some of the historical moments.

I spent part of my previous weekend goofing around with my GoogleTV and attempting to get Spotify to work on it. It boiled down to getting the DLNA protocol utilized on my home network, setting up a server on my virtual machine, and voila! It was done. I wrote up a how-to over on aNewDomain. Check it out. I get nice and geeky with it.

One of us on YATS is quite pumped up about Windows 8 and its release. Mike wrote a great article about why he’s all-in for Windows 8. He shares with us some of the features of Windows 8 that’s not centered around the formerly named Metro UI. It’s a great read from Mike. The questions we have revolve around the acceptance from consumers as well as from enterprise. What do you all think of Windows 8? Larry noted that Microsoft is offering a 90 day trial free to MSDN subscribers.

Larry went data mining recently and found some great information regarding the web traffic and trends via Akamai. It’s interesting to look at when you analyse the uses of standard web traffic from pc’s versus the mobile data traffic.

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