YATS 27: Rich Man Games


“So you know all of this stuff, why am I the one who had to build the website?”

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Here’s episode 27. . . .

Who wants to go 1,000 mph? Anyone? Well, the Bloodhound SSC is the brainchild of Richard Noble and is the project team are doing their best to achieve just that. Sure we have the salt flats here with records of over 700 mph, but this team is thinking bigger and faster. First of all, who is “man enough” to get behind the wheel of a machine going this fast? This machine has an F1 engine as an IGNITION. . .as in to just get this beast fired up! Mat also shares a story from the folks at Red Bull promoting a sky diver from about 120,000 feet.

Larry shared some insight on California Governor Jerry Brown signed two bills designed to provide Creative Commons textbooks and other teaching material to students. As an educator, Larry has an inside point of view and insight to share. Books for students could be open source and further change the model of mainstream education. As Mat says, “you would think if it was open-sourced things could be innovated more quickly and the content wouldn’t be stale as quick.” Does this give educators more flexibility or does it make it harder for them on running their courses?

Android devices now have 25% of the devices running version 4.0 or higher. This statistic is somewhat impressive. Somewhat. It is an improvement over the last quarter where the number was anywhere between 7 and 10%. More devices are slowly getting OTA updates and now it looks like the upcoming devices have the minimal hardware capable of running the newer OS. The only challenges will continue to be the skins of OEM’s to a lesser extent and most likely the carrier provisions for having the devices work on their mobile networks.

It’s been rumored that Apple will send out invitations for another event. Potentially announcing a smaller tablet device. We don’t if the smaller version of the iPad would be an advantage for Apple. Mat gives me grief for using my tablet as a e-Reader instead of getting an actual book.

Beware of Scareware, folks. We have all seen the popups on our PC’s that warns you of having an infected computer. Then of course you’re prompted to buy their software to fix the “problem.” It’s such a scam. The FTC is finally cracking down the on these scam artists.

Mat shares a piece where 300,000 Android devices are networked to create simulations of wireless networks and the potential threats that can come from attackers. This is a great read and somewhat scary to think about – considering the world is going more and more mobile and 4G bandwidth is available with tons of data in the streams.

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