YATS 31: Technological Art


“How can Star Wars be worth 4 billion and Instagram one billion?”

Fresh YATS anyone? I’m Mat Lee here with some show notes for episode 31 of our weekly tech podcast, Yet Another Tech Show. Ant Pruitt has the night off. On tonight’s episode we have Mike Rothman, Larry Press, Ant Pruitt, Myke Holling and Chris Miller joining the podcast. On tonight’s show we talk about Star Wars and Disney, Microsoft Windows 8 and Surface, cloud outages, the new line of Nexus devices, Android 4.2, Powers of Ten, Hurricane Sandy VS technology, and the OUYA. All this and so much more on episode 31 of YATS. Thanks for interacting!

What would you do with four billion dollars? Well, you could either buy four Instagrams, or one Star Wars. You pick. Disney opted to buy Lucasfilm. It should be interesting to see what they come out with.

Chris tells us about his experience with the Windows 8 Surface tablet. You can read his full review here.

Did anyone catch the Google outage the other day? Sometimes it’s good to have an outage every now and then. It brings into perspective how superfluous and non permanent our internet lives are, and how quickly a storm or zombies can take it away from us.

I watched this video from The Verge talking about what’s new with the Nexus line and the team behind Android 4.2. And discuss…

There is also a new app security system in Android 4.2 that is pretty interesting. Here’s the article from Computerworld.

Larry posted a blog about the Powers of Ten. If you haven’t seen the video check out this site.

Larry also posted an interesting item about the Internet damage caused by hurricane Sandy.

Remember the OUYA? It’s almost time for the developers to start getting their sets. Is anyone still excited about this or is it just me?

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