YATS 6: Bigger Pipes


“You told it to get off your lawn I recall.”

Hey, Ant Pruitt here, with a quick thanks for checking out episode 6 of Yet Another Tech Show. This is your weekly rundown of technology news, rumors, and sometimes rants. It has been a busy week in the world of tech and our panel sits down to discuss the ins, the outs, and our opinions on it all. Also, we are now live streaming our show as we record each week. The schedule is Wednesday at 11pm eastern, 8pm pacific. Just browse to YATS tv at yetanothertechshow.com/live to view it and join our IRC chat room.

Episode six at hand. . . .Mike Rothman is narrowing down his cell phone transition from the iphone to the world of Android.  He has looked into the HTC One X and the Samsung Galaxy S III. The One X is a dual core ICS device. The Galaxy S III is a quad core ICS device. Both available at AT&T.  The panel discusses these devices and their capabilities as well as the unlocked Galaxy Nexus being sold by Google directly in their store for $399. Mike decided against the current Windows Phone 7 devices because they will not be upgradeable to Windows Phone 8.

Google drive, the web’s worst kept secret, was finally released offering 5GB of free online storage to everyone that registers.  Google also offers higher storage plans for a fee.  How does this affect the consumers? Will this affect current dropbox and box.com customers?

The new 802.11ac WiFi spec is definitely a reality.  It has been speculated that routers for consumers with this spec will be available late 2012.  And consumer devices will have network interfaces to connect to this spec in early 2013.  The 801.11ac spec will provide gigabit download speeds!

Larry discusses an article he found in the L..A. Times regarding negotiations between AT&T and California lawmakers.  Basically, AT&T set out to “wine and dine” the lawmakers and lobbyists for their best interests.  More details are in the article.  It makes you think democracy could be dead if all it takes is money to persuade the right people.

Did you know there’s an Internet Hall of Fame?  The 2012 inductees have been announced and listed on their website. This list includes internet greats and pioneers such as Linus Torvalds, the Linux kernel creator.  Three categories are defined: Pioneers, Global Connectors, and Innovators. See the list of inductees with bio’s here. Very interesting read.

Larry is a college professor and found the Coursera news interesting.  Coursera is offering online college classes. This isn’t your typical situation.  These are the same courses university students are taking, but they’re for FREE.

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