YATS 80: Run for Office


“This is what you think is happening, it’s my job as a representative to make it happen.”

Hello and welcome back to another episode of our weekly tech show, YATS! Mat Lee here with some show notes for episode 80. Join myself, Mike Rothman, Larry Press, and eventually Ant Pruitt as we talk technology and privacy politics with Montana state House Representative Daniel Zolnikov. A quick search around the internet and you’ll discover Daniel is in Montana House District 47, is a member of the Tax, Energy and Local Government committee, was the primary sponsor of five bills, including multiple privacy bills mixed with constituent based bills. Keep on reading for links and show notes. Thanks for listening!

This all started when I went to Defcon 21 and saw Daniel Zolnikov and Eric Fulton give a talk on the politics of privacy and technology. Check out the talk here on YouTube.

If you want to reach out and talk to Daniel, check out his site. He’s also on Facebook, and Twitter.

After the talk at Defcon, Lorenzo Franceschi-Bicchierai wrote an article about it in Mashable.

Here’s the article I first read about Montana setting a precedent for privacy and technology legislation. Of course the headline is misleading, but it wouldn’t be a headline if it wasn’t.

Here’s a link to the We the People petition for ECPA reform. As of writing this, there is 106,628 signatures. Add yours!

Let’s talk about bitcoin. What drives it up or down? Cold hard cash or bitcoin, you choose.

Image Credit: DanielZolnikov.com

Image Credit: DanielZolnikov.com

Here’s a good profile done on Daniel Zolnikov on Montana Uses This talking about some of his favorite technology. Open States also has an informative page on him.

Ant Pruitt joins us to talk about his holiday tech wishlist. What do you want for Christmas?

We’re all taking donations. The best way right now is to just Gmail us some money. I am loving my new Google Wallet card.

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