YATS 33: Collateral Damage


“Battlestar Galactica is my crack.”

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There’s quite a bit of disturbing and sad news going on with the bloodshed in Gaza between the Palestinians and Israelis. We discuss the news and how Twitter has provided a lot of newsworthy information and even more personal notes from correspondents. Larry has followed Andy Carvin’s Twitter feed for most of his coverage and insight on this serious matter.

Black Friday and holiday sales has technology lovers seeking out devices at great prices. Is this the time for Windows 8 to take off? We discuss the acceptance factor around Windows 8’s user interface. It has the look and feel of a tablet interface. Some feel this is great on the PC, others do not. We know Mike love it as he uses it everyday. Larry posted about Jakob Nielsen’s perspective on Windows 8 usability being a let down on his Google+ feed. Nielsen is a usability guru. I’m scared to make the jump because I want to rollback if something disappoints me. Mat just may have found a free option for getting Windows 8. Maybe I’ll try that.

I wrote about today’s viewing habits of cord cutters versus non cord cutter over on aNewDomain.net. I consider myself a semi cord cutter as I have devices and access to content just as a cord cutter does, but I still pay for television service. We discuss the viewing habits around consuming tons of content all at once versus waiting on commercials and weekly episodes. Check out my piece here. We also discuss rumors of Microsoft getting into the set top box market with the XBox 360 allowing television content.

Anyone getting a Wii U? Reviews have been mixed at best. It can stream videos and games onto the controller which is cool, but does anyone care? We discuss the Wii of yore and how it was at one time a party device and not a gamer’s device.

And then there is (was) BlackBerry. Looks like government agencies are dropping the Blackberry devices because they’re unreliable. RIM CEO Thorsten Heins and team are working to dig themselves out of the hole and get back into the smartphone market place with a strong OS, strong apps, and powerful devices. Even though some of the features the BlackBerry 10 OS promises features already being used by the competition, Heins believes in a brighter future for RIM.

There was a kickstarter and 3D printing patent infringement story that neither of us knew about. Mat brought it up, we just listened. In response, Larry shared a post about a right-winged Congressman critiqued the country’s patent and copyright system.This came with a little bit of hot water in response from jurisdictions such as the RIAA.

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