YATS 34: Spin City


“If your app is crap, I’m gonna say it myself.”

It’s YATS! Yet Another Tech Show. Thanks for tuning in and listening to our show. This is where you will find tech evangelist bringing you informative yet entertaining discussions about tech. Our panel includes our super producer Mat Lee, Larry Press and myself. . .I’m Ant Pruitt. This week we’re joined by Patrick Jordan of iPad inSight. Thank you Patrick for joining us. Be sure to check out all of his writing on iPad inSight for your iPad and iOS related discussions.

Ok, the business is out of the way, let’s get into the show.

The Mars Rover is still on its mission to gather more information about the planet. The Rover made news… supposedly. As reported on the NY Times, the Rover has data that “is going to be one for the history books.” What does this mean? Does this mean life on Mars? Most of us are skeptical about the “findings.”

The Hobbit is going to be filmed at 48 FPS hoping to set a trend for movie theaters and their tech. Is this what is needed for the movie theaters to get more customers and keep users such as myself and Mat from downloading movies? As I’ve said previously, I don’t like movie theaters because of the film quality. HD has spoiled me. Mat really doesn’t go to the movies either. I don’t think it’s a worthy price point for the film quality. How will the masses react when they see this frame-rate? Will typical viewers notice it?

I hope you’re using the safe found in your hotel room as you travel. Why? Because the hacker community has found a way to zap those locks in a matter of seconds. A Mozilla developer revealed the hack previously at the Black Hat security convention. This hack didn’t take long to be utilized in Houston.

Patrick not only has the iPad Mini, but he also has the latest Nexus 7. This is his first “real Android tablet” as he’s previously had a Kindle Fire tablet. Patrick discusses his likes and dislikes of the Nexus 7 versus the iPad and iPad Mini. He has really enjoyed the smaller tablet form factor. The user experience is different on both OS, Patrick mentions the differences he enjoys.

The Google Play Store is now adding real names to comments on apps in the store. It’s so easy to leave comments anonymously on the app page, but there can also be a lot of trolling on these pages. We discuss how we all handle rating and commenting on our favorite apps in the Play Store. Some users aren’t rating fairly because of their own ignorance (or idiocy) when it comes to rating apps. This isn’t fair to the developers or even the users looking for an app.

Google is set to release a feature that allows emailing of large files. The feature will integrate with your Google Drive. I thought this was a weird user experience that didn’t seem intuitive. But then again, this is looking more like a plot by Google to get more onto Google Drive. If you want to send big files, get Google Drive. Is that what Google is trying to say?

Larry shared a blog post regarding Dish Network getting approval from the FCC allowing use of part of its owned spectrum for LTE. Good news or bad news? According Larry’s blog, Dish said it was not all good news since the power restrictions could “cripple our ability to enter the business.” This may be a good thing if Dish can pull this off and provide LTE space for better competition among the carriers.

And for your laugh of the week, Nokia seeks to block sale of some of the RIM products. What? Come on, Nokia!

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