YATS 42: Big and Bulky


“I’m taking my SteamBox and I’m going home.”

Come and get it! Some fresh YATS. Welcome to our show, everyone. Thanks for checking out Yet Another Tech Show. This is the podcast where tech evangelists bring you informative entertaining tech discussions. I’m Ant Pruitt joined by Mat Lee, Larry Press and Mike Rothman. Click on our names for our social media connections to follow us. We have a guest host joining us this week. Mr. Chris Miller of iDoNotes and Spiked Studios. Thanks for joining us, Chris.

Here are this week’s show bullet items.

Who wants the new BlackBerry Z10? Ok, who wants one for the “small” price of $1000? We ask the panel, and survey says. . .NO. Neither of us understand why this is even an option. Chris also gives us the lowdown on new BlackBerry Enterprise Server (BES) features for mobile device management (MDM). Sorry for the acronym bomb.

In gaming news, Valve has laid off approximately two dozen employees. No one really knows why. The company is on the heels of launching its SteamBox gaming computer which makes this surprising. We discuss whether it’s an issue with finances or if it’s corporate restructuring. Sadly, these things happen. Valve did release this statement: “No, we aren’t canceling any projects. No, we aren’t changing any priorities or projects we’ve been discussing. No, this isn’t about Steam or Linux or hardware or [insert game name here]. We’re not going to discuss why anyone in particular is or isn’t working here.” Larry mentions that in his household, gaming seems to be geared more towards games such as Minecraft or mobile gaming. Not so much with console gaming or the genres they represent.

Apple was rumored to be working on a wristwatch device similar to the Pebble KickStarter project. Where do you stand on this development? Some consumers want a jewelry watch versus something that’s integrated with your current technology. Chris gives us more details on current projects for consumer watch devices. It may be a generational thing. Today’s generation just doesn’t seem to be accustomed to wearing a watch when their cell phone is in their pockets. Where do you stand on wearable computing? The YATS panel is all over the spectrum on this topic.

The State of the Union address from President Obama was yet another eye opener as he discussed further advancing today’s technology research and beefing up the country’s infrastructure. Gigabit internet is looking to be pushed for at least one city with the capability in every state by 2015. Larry discusses how it seems as if the administration has a plan to make this happen. Larry posted about this on Google+.

3-D printing may gain more popularity. Gun control has been a hot topic in our country. Larry found a company that released a CAD file which will allow 3-D printers to print a large magazine of ammunition for an assault rifle. Not only has the ammo been created, but even parts for the gun has been created in CAD files. Can legislation keep up with today’s tech? Check out Larry’s blog post about it here.

The YATS crew is very much into using Google+. Mike found a nice read on the future of Google+ and its potential domination in the world of social media. The platform reaches beyond social connection. Google is working to make this a one stop shop for social, search, news and other Google properties. This is how Google differentiates itself from Facebook and Twitter. It’s not perfect as a service, but it is slowly beginning to catch on to the masses.

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