YATS 43: Ask Eliza


“I like to just close my eyes and click OK.”

It’s another week of Yet Another Tech Show. This is episode 43. I’m Ant Pruitt and we have another great show for you. Our typical YATS crew is in the house: Mat Lee, Larry Press and Mike Rothman. We have two guests in the house this week as well. Chris Miller of Spiked Studio stops by to keep me and Mat in check, and first time guest Kevin Russell of the Simulet also joins us. We appreciate our guests joining us this week. Don’t forget to click our names to follow our social connections and other works. Ok, that business is out of the way. Let’s get into this week’s show.

Sony launched its PlayStation 4 gaming console. Granted we don’t know how much the thing costs, nor do we know when it will be released to the public. (Fail) I wrote a commentary on the keynote taking a look at the spec sheet, new features and upcoming game titles. Sony is really latching onto the strength of social media with this console by allowing gamers to share game info over their social networks. Check out my commentary over on aNewDomain for more in depth details and my opinion on this device.

Hey do you want to be a part of the Google Glass beta project? Google gives you the opportunity to “win” the golden ticket. Well, sorta. Google announced that consumers can submit to be a part of the beta testing based on contest submissions over social media. Sadly, even if you’re selected to be a part of it, you STILL have to send Google $1500. What!?!? No thank you, Google. Mike is betting that Google Glass will be the top tech of 2013. We shall see, my friend.

Let’s give a big shout out to Jeff Jarvis. Jarvis was asked to be on the BBC newscast recently to discuss a security breach on Facebook. This was not a serious issue. No data was compromised. Point blank, it was not that serious. BBC wanted to spin this with a little “technopanic.” Jeff Jarvis wasn’t buying into the poor journalism displayed by the BBC. You have to check out the video to see how poorly the BBC handled this. Way to go, Mr. Jarvis!

Speaking of cyber security. . .somewhat. . . Larry wrote a blog post around what some of the most web secured countries in the world. The study is based off of Microsoft’s Malicious Software Removal tool as it sends information back to a data center with statistics on when pc scans are run, what’s found and what location on the planet it was found. China, ironically, is one of the more secured countries in the world when it comes to malware infections. Shocking, I know.

Mike spoke about a review from MIT around Windows 8. Mike and I are users of the latest OS from Microsoft and we really don’t have issues with it. Yes, it can be a little weird trying to get used to the new interface, but it is learnable. We discuss if consumers will accept it and get into the new UI and why should they come off of Windows 7.

In lighter news, Yahoo has redesigned its home page. It’s a little cleaner with a dash of Microsoft and Google in it. Is this because the current CEO is a former Google employee?

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